The Morning After (the Academy Awards) with Charlie Price

It is so sad that the 2015 Academy Awards are over, but despair not: We have more than enough ammunition on Oscar fashion, good and bad, for weeks to come!

Special bonus! We also have Academy Award audio live commentary in a video posted to our Facebook page. Check it out here:


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There were a few stars that nailed it this year:

Favorite Women

1) Julianne Moore: Elegant and effortless, a chic chignon and strapless gown—definitely a look that she wore— it did not wear her. Excellent speech, pitch-perfect on all fronts, and she so deserved the Best Actress Award!

2) Jennifer Lopez: This woman does red carpet/award glamour so well. The dress was one of the best dresses on anyone in years. Her face shimmered exquisitely and the hair was flawless.

3) Scarlett Johansson: Cool, risky, androgynous hair with a sleek emerald gown poured over her stunning figure. This was a hit!

4) Dakota Johnson: Perfect hair, makeup and dress. Whoever is overseeing her image is doing a bang up job.

5) Cate Blanchett: Every inch a movie star, she always gets it right. 

Favorite Men

1) Ben Affleck: Sharp suit, exactly the right amount of facial hair and snappy haircut.  Very dapper.

2) Idris Elba: Wearing a fashiony, colored tux with shine is a dangerous game, but Elba played it perfectly. He looked cool, contemporary and stunning. Nobody noticed poor Jessica Chastain while she stood next to him.

3) Eddie Redmayne: Those lips, that hair, that snappy suit. A stylish, young star is born.

On the flip side, some of my favorite stars flubbed it badly. Let's let them have it, shall we?


1) Naomi Watts: A bizarre fitting patterned gown over what looked like a sports bra ... with yesterday's hairdo. A great actress and a beautiful woman in this getup does her no favors.

2) Octavia Spencer: What was meant to look like a graceful, draped Grecian gown resembled a swath of bed sheets, with a piece of glittery trim holding it all together at the waist. She is pretty and curvy. I think she should call Queen Latifah’s stylist—that woman knows how to get ready.

3) Chloë Grace Moretz: That dress was a hot prairie dog mess—a sweet young girl in an old pioneer woman's rags. Too bad it’s a time in her life when she could wear just about anything. Such a wasted opportunity.

4) Jennifer Aniston: A pretty but blah dress and (gasp!) frosted blonde hair worthy of a Real Housewife of Orange County. WTF—this is a hair icon? I think not, at least not at the moment!!! 


1) Matthew McConaughey: He sported a hideous Colonel Sanders beard, and a strange gimmicky tux. Really ugly.

2) Jared Leto: Everything that worked to ultimate sexiness last year played against him this year. He looked like he was in a bad Drew Barrymore comedy. Horrible colored tux with greasy, stringy ombre locks. A crime as the guy is seriously hotter than hot. He should never look bad,

Noteworthy Trends

1) Strong side parts with slick, ultra shiny hair.

2) Ponytails—down hair that is straightened, not curled (get out your round brushes and flat-irons, people)!

3) Highlighted hair close to the scalp: Jennifer Aniston, Chloë Grace Moretz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts recently have started sporting this look. Note to all: It's not ALL balayage and ombre anymore. Foils are still relevant. For good or bad, old school streaks are back!

Makeup Trends

1) Dark lips

2) Red lips and smoky eyes

3) Generally an overall vibe of grooming and polish (a departure from the undone looks of recent times)

The following are edited highlights of commentary excerpted from Charlie Price’s official Facebook page, where he posted live throughout the Academy Awards broadcast.

(Benedict) Cumberbatch looks dashing. Rene Russo is so elegant. John Legend is delicious. Lupita Nyong'o looks breathtaking. Eddie Redmayne is such a hottie!

I love my JLo. Bitch NEVER disappoints. Divine!

Whoa Scar Jo. I like that risky hair, hot green dress and her body looks sexy as hell.  I'm starting to like her as an adult star. She's cool.

Emma Stone is interesting and chic. She’s wearing a pretty dress and she’s a good actress. I didn't think her performance in Birdman was great—very good, but not great. I like her a lot. She will kill it one year.

Naomi Watts is so talented. I don't like what she's wearing or her hair, but who cares. She's a great actress! I wanted to see so much more of her in Birdman. I thought she was one of the best things about the movie.

Ethan Hawke looks old, but I'd still have sex with him (maybe more than once if chemistry was present). His performance was moving and stellar. I loved Boyhood. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

(Bradley) Cooper looks good. He's a great movie star. I kinda wanna see him in The Elephant Man. I don't know why. I just can get overly excited about him, but for once I have nothing bad to say. Pretty man.

Faith Hill looks so pretty with short hair. Thank god she left the slut look of yore in the dust; she looks drop-dead chic.

Gaga in custom Azzedine Alaïa—that's wicked!

Kerry Washington is so pretty always! Scandal is starting to get so bad. It's starting to become a caricature. Though I watch it anyway, of course.  I want her to go back to big roles in movies.

(I wanna get roughly arrested by Captain America)

Patricia Arquette is acting drunk, in an ugly dress, but I absolutely love her. I hope she wins.  J’adore!

Sexy dress Anna (Kendrick), but why did you walk up there like a truck driver?

I love Jack Black. He should be the host.

I'm sorry. I fell asleep. What just happened?

Go JK (Simmons, best supporting actor winner). You are the bomb.

Liam Neeson is a very fine actor and I quite like him as the new Charles Bronson/Steven Seagall, but I wish he would to do more serious movies.

Dakota (Johnson) looks perfect.

Why does it sound so good to hear a man screech like that? I got chills. I hate The Voice but the man (Adam Levine) is cute and can sing the f… out of a song.

(Best Costume Design winner) Malena Canonero is a genius.

Love Reese (Witherspoon) in Black and White. But this dress doesn't work.

Love me some Shirley (McClaine). She looks sooo Fosse tonight. I'll never forget Sweet Charity. But I wouldn't wanna tangle with that redhead ever. She almost killed my MADONNA when she was dating her brother.

Love how Kerry always does a really swishy runway walk (even on Scandal). Werk bitch.

Viola looks like a dream. I love that she isn't wearing a wig tonight. She is so beautiful like this.

Bitchy Gwyneth has a weird dress on tonight.

Sienna Miller looks very pretty, but I'm tired of braids, and the straps were weird. But I love a black dress always (when do we get to the dead people?)

Oh Jared (Leto). Why, my love? He looks like a Doobie Brother at a ’70s wedding. I think he is so hot, but it's a disaster.

I love Rita Ora's hair and necklace. I almost love the dress.

Worst dress alert!!!! Chloe Grace. No, no, no, darling!

Idris Elba looks magnificent; how I love him!

Oh Meryl. You look like the queen of Talbots tonight, not the queen of the cinema. But I am forever your loyal subject, no matter how bad your clothes are—and they are bad tonight!

Maybe the best I've ever seen Jennifer Hudson look.

Naomi Watts’ dress is worse on stage than it was on the red carpet. It's like she was at yoga and just threw the dress on over her Lulu Lemon—sweaty hair and all—and then ran over to the Oscars!

Jennifer Aniston has a very glam dress on, but for a hair icon, I don't like her Joan Van Ark frosted hair. Is she trying out for the new bravo show The Real Sluts of Hollywood??

Love Octavia; hate the dress.

Travolta's wig was very Eddie Munster and sidings; (Idina Menzel’s) dress was bad Adams Family. I hate it when people do shoddy Goth.

Scarlett Johansson—the dress is wicked and I’m into her andro hair.

Wow! Gaga’s gorgeous dress. That voice is heaven. Love the haircolor; hate the Long Island stripper hairstyle, but nothing is perfect—girl has pipes!!

I like Oprah's RuPaul look tonight—she looks very attractive and curvy … and she toned down her "Grand Oprah" booming voice s**t.

Ohh … Cate Blanchett looks spot-on! Not a bad word to say! On my “best” list for sure.

Oscar upset: Eddie Redmayne!!! I think this kid is f’n brilliant. That hair and those lips. Now if only one more Ginger could win tonight!

Here we go Maconahaaaaaayyy—on my worst dressed list. A great actor, terrible movie star.

Julianne Moore, she is so beautiful to me!!!!

Charlie Price’s witty and hysterical commentary on Hollywood’s elite is always entertaining. American Salon thanks Charlie for The Morning After (the Academy Awards) and we can’t wait for the next one!

About Charlie Price: Charlie is an internationally recognized, award-winning platform artist who both entertains and educates with his quick but caustic wit and his irreverent take on fashion, beauty, celebrity and pop culture. 

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