Morphe Launches Collaboration with Makeup Artist Brittany Bear

Brittany Bear at the Morphe x Brittany Bear launch party.

Known in the makeup world as the "contouring queen," makeup artist Brittany Bear launched a collaboration with Morphe earlier last month to 100 invite-only guests and influencers at the Watermarke Tower in Los Angeles. The limited-edition Morphe X Brittany Bear 360 Nose Contour Kit consists of three versatile black and rose gold brushes to help users master the art of transformation. The packaging contains a personal message from Bear as well as four illustrations on how to achieve the perfect contour. Here, Bear shares several of her go-to contouring tips when using her new kit. 


1. With the M3 Brush, take a contour shade and draw two parallel lines down the bridge of the nose. Using the same brush, apply contour to the side and bottom of nostrils to achieve a slimmer, shorter nose.

2. Using the M6 Brush and your contour shade, connect both sides by drawing a straight line directly above the nostrils. This will create a button-like nose.


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3. With the M0 Brush, take a lighter setting powder and begin to camouflage along the bridge and width of the nose, blending into under-eye highlight.

4. Using the same brush, buff and blend out any harsh contour.

About: Founded in 2009, Morphe was created with the vision to offer high quality brushes and eyeshadow palettes at an affordable price. They entered the beauty industry with a small retail space and a mission to become the go-to brush company of every artist and amateur.