Mouse Calls

A new program from Aveda, E-Salon, allows consumers for the first time to purchase products from the company's Web site, while providing a new revenue stream for its Concept Salons and Spas. The program aims to tap into the intense traffic on to provide salons with client referrals while paying them substantial commissions on each online purchase made by their clients. Here's how it works.

  • After shopping on the consumer is asked at checkout if she goes to an Aveda Concept Salon and Spa. If yes, she selects her salon from a list (she can also type in the name of her stylist or spa therapist) and the salon receives 15 percent commission on the sale. However, if she goes to a salon's own Web site and makes an online purchase there-which automatically links her to—then the commission bumps up to 25 percent.

  • If the customer does not go to an Aveda Concept Salon and Spa, the program provides three Aveda Concept Salon and Spa referrals to the client based on location. Salon referrals are repeated on order confirmation, shipment confirmation and with the packing slip. Salons receive reports of the referrals for follow-up marketing.

Scott J Buchanan, who owns four Scott J Aveda Salonspas—three in Manhattan and one in Bridgehampton, NY—sees the program as a win-win. "It offers convenience for clients, while taking the hard work out of selling products online in terms of time, shipping and cost," says Buchanan, who receives up to 30 referrals a month. "And whether the sale comes through Aveda's Web site or mine, I get a better margin."

In addition to connecting consumers to Aveda products and helping them find local salons, the program also fights diversion. Rather than turning to unauthorized Web sites, consumers can connect directly with the brand and salons and receive the full Aveda experience, including customer service, purchase security and guaranteed product authenticity.

 With E-Salon, shopping for Aveda products is just a click away.
With E-Salon, shopping for Aveda products is just a click away.

With the launch of E-Salon, salons and spas will continue to be the most important points of distribution for the products. "Salon and spa owners in the Aveda network continue to enhance the quality of our brand through their extensive product knowledge, industry expertise and superior service," says Chris Hacker, Aveda's senior vice president of marketing and design. "We hope to strengthen these ties through our E-Salon program, which will attract new and existing customers and give them the experience of going into an Aveda salon or spa."

For more information, visit or call (888) 55-AVEDA.