Enter Now: NAHA 2021 Is Officially Open for Entries

Hair by NAHA 2020 Team of the Year—Salon by InStyle Design Team

The beauty industry's most prestigious awards competition, The North American Hairstyling Awards, is now open for entries. As a response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the competition is introducing new categories, a new set of rules and launching a series of interactive conversations on Instagram to help navigate the new territory. Entries officially opened on June 11 and will close on October 2 to accommodate local and federal stay-at-home orders. 

NAHA has recognized the industry's top artists—who push the boundaries of skill and creativity—for over 30 years, but this year is undoubtedly different. During a challenging time filled with uncertainty, the PBA is calling on all artists to unleash their creativity and show what we can do when we channel our energies and determination into artistry; connected by passion and united by beauty.

For a detailed look at the new format, click here