On the NAHA Red Carpet with Lauren Moser & Rodrick Samuels

Lauren Moser, two time finalist in the NAHA Texture category and winner of the 2015 NAHA Texture award, is co-owner of HairLab Detroit Salon and Advanced Academy with Rodrick Samuels. Lauren's outgoing personality, enthusiasm and passion for the profession are surely responsible for her successful rise to prominence in our industry.  She and Rodrick can be seen at viturallly every major event in the industry – either in a classroom presenting their amazing programs (independently or as a team) or power networking as one of our favorite industry couples.  

As a salon owner, Lauren's "can win" attitude is one of her keys to success - "I never claim to be the best, but everyday you can be sure I'm going to give it my all."  In 2014, Hair Lab Detroit was opened by Lauren and Rodrick to "create the ultimate salon atmosphere for the city of Detroit."  Their shared passion for helping the rebirth of downtown Detroit adds a dimension of community service to Lauren's positive attitude - only one more reason we hold her up as a role model for all who wish to get ahead as stylists or owners. 


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About: The North American Hairstyling Awards Ceremony & Artistic Presentations: The NAHA 2015 ceremony proved to be the pinnacle event at PBA Beauty Week 2015, recognizing the artistry and skill of the professional salon industry. As the top achievement for professional hairstylists and makeup artists, past and present NAHA entrants, finalists and winners continue to push the boundaries of trend-setting style.