Naked Audience Productions Presents “Stages”

From September 10-12 in Laguna Beach, CA, Naked Audience Productions will kick off their event Stages, a workshop for hairstylists on how to take their career to the next level.

Over the 2½-day certification training, attendees will learn from master coach and Founder of Life Creations Education, Alejandra Crisafulli, on how to create internal dialogue to achieve professional goals. President of The Beauty Agents Bureau & Beauty Goorus Consulting, Bonnie Bonadeo, will help stylists generate an external branding plan to develop their name into a brand.

“The true ‘aha’ moment for most people comes when they understand their own authentic approach to communicating,” said Bonadeo. “They leave saying, ‘I get it; I just need to be more comfortable being me!’”

For registration and more information visit here or contact Bonnie Bonadeo at [email protected] —Aja Edwards


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