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At Charlotte Ronson's spring '09 show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, lead stylist for Sebastian Professional Thomas Dunkin created loose, textured ponytails. He first spritzed the hair with water and applied Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel to the roots, then let the hair air-dry. Next, he applied Craft Clay remoldable matte texturizer and pulled the hair into a ponytail, loosening it so that wisps of hair fell forward, fixing the look with Re-Shaper hairspray. "It should look like the girl's done it herself," he says. —L.A.

Beauty Buzz


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We are hooked on the beauty Web site, which carries an endless array of niche brands, like the coveted Beauty of Bathing Coco Monoi bath and body line from Thymes, as well as hard-to-find imports, such as the Filles de Iles perfume collection from France. Founded by Lisa James, who left a successful career in TV advertising to follow her passion for all things beauty-related, the site is the perfect destination to discover new products for yourself or get ideas for irresistible items to retail in your salon. —L.A.

Green House

In Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home (Rodale, 2008), Renée Loux, host of Fine Living's It's Easy Being Green, provides readers with affordable and realistic ways to keep their homes and their personal care and beauty routines eco-friendly and free of toxins. From choosing environmentally safe skincare and haircare products to the best trash bags and cookware, this lifestyle guide is a must-read for anyone with a penchant for all things green. —N.P.


High-end skincare brand Babor looked to the mountains for the ingredients in its new eco collection, Baborganic. The line contains pure and contaminant-free "white" organic ingredients, such as revitalizing glacier water, protective edelweiss, moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil and oxygen energy, which promotes skin regeneration. The collection contains 13 products, including the Crystal Face Scrub, Biological Enzyme Cleanser, Revitalizing Eye Cream and Pure Mattifying Cream seen here. —L.M.

The new Plush Styler from Belvedere promotes both comfort and good posture.

Moroccan Beauty

When Katharine L'Heureux founded Kahina – Giving Beauty, she was aiming to create a "skincare line that really works and that women can feel good about buying." The Kahina products are based on 100-percent organic argan oil sourced from the women's cooperatives in rural Morocco. Argan oil, known for its antibacterial and rejuvenating properties, is naturally rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. —L.M.


REDKEN Creative Consultant for Color Tracey Cunningham colored Lindsay Lohan's hair for the April 2009 issue of Nylon magazine. To achieve Lohan's look, Cunningham customized a formula using Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss 09AA Papaya, 08C Cayenne and 09G Vanilla Crème. "Shades EQ is one of the most versatile haircolor brands colorists can use," Cunningham says. "It provides healthy, shiny results and incredible conditioning with an amazing number of mixing possibilities." —L.A.

Damsels in Dis-Tress

JPMS National Educator Sunnie Brook Jones makes a strong head case for putting on the pout this spring. The new Damsels in Dis-Tress collection plays with texture like it were, well, a man. Visit to get the details, which are sure to inspire you to create some crazy texture this spring. —M.D.


The new Triple Berry Smoothing Peel from Renée Rouleau is an invigorating professional-strength peel with a blend of powerful antioxidant-rich berries and five skin-smoothing AHA and BHA acids that help to stimulate renewal and improve texture while refining the appearance of large pores. The peel is rich in anthocyanis—versatile and plentiful flavanoid pigments found in red and purple fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries—which provide potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The peel can be used one to three times a month. —L.A.

You Are What You Drink

Next time you reach for a bottle of water, try one that sends a message. Naturally filtered State of Mind Water comes in fully recyclable bottles—made from PETE1 plastic, which is phthalate-free and requires less energy to produce and ship than glass—that carry inspirational messages like Love, Compassion and Peace to enhance positive energy toward others and the environment. A portion of the proceeds goes to charities such as A Drop in the Bucket, a nonprofit that builds water wells throughout Africa, and Amrit Davaa, an organization of volunteer health care practitioners who serve the global community. —L.M.


We asked stylist and salon manager Robert DiTacchio, who now works as creative director for the Jon 'Ric Salon and Day Spa in Denver after years of traveling the globe for major fashion and hair shows, what he's been listening to.

"Faxing Berlin" and "I Remember" by Deadmau5. "I like these songs because they have minimalistic sound but a deep ambient tone."

"Day 'N' Nite (Crookers remix)" by Kid Cudi. "It has mainstream appeal but still has an underground feel that's good for a club. I like listening to it when I work."

"Hurt" by Johnny Cash. "You just can't beat Johnny!"

"Just the Tip" by MC Flipside, Joey Seminara and Danny Nagels. "I grew up with Flipside, and he's doing great things in the music industry."