No Strings Attached

Wireless devices have become almost indispensable in the business world, but they're also turning up in salons, where they're being used to make day-to-day operations run more efficiently and even to help boost revenues. Wireless technology may seem like a luxury to many salon owners, but it's easier to implement and more affordable to take advantage of this powerful tool than you may think. There are several options available to meet salons' varying needs.


With Salon Iris, salon and spa staff can use PDAs to view client formula history and upcoming appointments. They can also see a record of clients' past services and product purchases, so it's easy to make new recommendations.

Other software companies offer a wireless device service that allows staff to book appointments while the clients are still in their chairs or in treatment rooms, increasing rebooking percentages. Shortcuts Software, for example, allows users to run the full version of the program on wireless tablets, while ClienTrak! and Leprechaun subscribers can only use the appointment-booking feature of the software on wireless devices. Both software programs run in real time, which prevents the reception staff from double-booking appointments. With ClienTrak! and Leprechaun, management can set preferences to hide select information, like clients' phone numbers, displayed on the devices.

Harms Software's Millennium Mini is a full-service wireless workstation that offers real-time communication with Millennium software. The device allows users to add and edit information quickly and efficiently, and includes inventory management tools, an appointment book, register functions, instant messaging capability, and statistics and graphs.

For haircolorists, the Personal Salon Assistant (PSA) from SalonTechnologies generates formulations and application and timing instructions for seven haircolor lines and also manages client and scheduling information. The software can be purchased preloaded on a handheld computer or downloaded to an existing device. The PSA can be used alone or with SalonTechnologies' SalonManager Premier software.

However you choose to use wireless technology in your salon, keep in mind that your software provider may charge a separate fee for the service. —L.A.

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