Coming Home
Neill Corporation's stunning new calendar shot in New Orleans' French Quarter will benefit Hairdressers Unlocking Hope.

Neill Corporation, Aveda's largest independent distributor, is based in Hammond, LA, which is why the preservation and rebuilding of New Orleans is near and dear to its heart. The company set up the SalonSpa Relief Fund right after Hurricane Katrina, offering shelter to displaced salon owners and workers in their corporate housing in Hammond and even donating a house to the Hairdressers Unlocking Hope Fund, an initiative to help Habitat for Humanity build homes on the Gulf Coast for low-income families displaced by Katrina.

Now Michael Baker, creative director for Neill Corporation and Paris Parker Salons, Hammond, LA, has art-directed a calendar shot entirely in the French Quarter, featuring local models coming home to New Orleans. Each image evokes the sentiment of returning to a place you love with all the relief, comfort and security that entails. Clothing, shoes and accessories were donated by local businesses, the Paris Parker Artistic Team did the hair and makeup, and Neill Corporation's extended family of businesses (Aveda Institutes, Etopa, Extended Technologies and Paris Parker/Lockworks salons) bought ad space to offset printing costs.

Members of the Paris Parker Artistic Team did the hair and makeup for a calendar shot in New Orleans, while local businesses donated clothing, shoes and accessories. Clockwise, from top: the months of March, October, August, May and December
Members of the Paris Parker Artistic Team did the hair and makeup for a calendar shot in New Orleans, while local businesses donated clothing, shoes and accessories. Clockwise, from top: the months of March, October, August, May and December

The calender retails for $20 with all proceeds going to Hairdressers Unlocking Hope. To order, visit . Photocredit: Wes Kroninger, Phtograher, 225.928.8357



Fast and easy red carpet styling is at your fingertips with the instructional DVD from Aveda alum Ginger Boyle. The visually stunning imagery provides a fresh approach to learning that is both educational and entertaining. To order this or any Subject + Design DVD, visit . —M.D.

Supersize That Hairdo

You have to see to believe the big, bodacious hair creations in photographer David Yellen's and writer Johanna Lenander's Hair Wars (Powerhouse Books, 2007). The jaw-dropping collection of portraits documents the touring American showcase of the same name, which started in the nightclubs of Detroit during the mid-'80s. At the events, dubbed "the X Games of American beauty parlor culture" by Elle magazine, hairstylists battle it out to see who can create the most innovative designs. We love the working barbecue grill. —C.W.

Fashion Statement

With a Toni Payne "Positee," your clients can tell the world that they're not just hot—they're haute! Perfect dressed down for Saturday morning errands or dressed up for Saturday night on the town, these tees are made of ultrasoft thin cotton and are available in six different colors or as a tank top. —C.W.

Crazy for Cookies

Clients will appreciate being treated to decadent cookies from The Cookie Sandwich Company. Irresistible flavors include Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter Truffle and Red Velvet, but our staff found the Carrot Cake cookie, filled with whipped vanilla cream cheese icing mixed with walnuts, particularly irresistible. The cookies are baked daily, individually packaged and shipped in an elegant gift box. —L.A.

This retro-styled chair from Belvedere is available in Beech, Light Maple and Wild Cherry finishes.

Digging Up Dirt

Former Friends star Courteney Cox plays the hard-driving editor of a celebrity tabloid in the FX show Dirt. "We decided that her character is too busy to wear a lot of different hairstyles, so we went for a relaxed and easy look this season," says Robert Hallowell, Cox's hairstylist and creator of a natural haircare line called Prawduct. Hallowell relies on his Prawduct Flat Factor straightening balm and his all-time favorite blow-dryer, the FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro Turbo 1900, to create a smooth, dressed-up look. When he wants to work with Cox's natural texture, he uses a diffuser to give the hair a more rugged, everyday appearance. "Courteney has really good hair," Hallowell says. "All it needs is a little touch-up after lunch." —C.W.


We asked celebrity manicurist Nicole Dinh of Nelson J Salon in Los Angeles what she's been listening to.

"This Kiss" by Faith Hill. "It's honest and real—the lyrics speak to me."

"Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton. "This song is peaceful and innocent. It reveals stories of dramatic choices made in love and life."

"The Voice Within" by Christina Aguilera. "I like Christina's heartfelt, touching words and voice. It's a meaningful song that's about her personal experiences."

Hang 'Em High

Eliminate unsightly tangled cords and clutter with Freestylist blow-dryers from FREESTYLE SYSTEMS. Originally invented to help stylists suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, the weightless dryers are accessed from above each styling station. What's more, they turn on and off automatically. Clients are sure to notice how neat your area is. 888/99-STYLE; —L.A.

Summon your inner Blues Brother with this Trilby hat from Jennifer Ouellette. 212/927-7451

Take Note

Subu's charming notebooks come in a variety of colors, but they're green enough for even the most eco-conscious among us (Aveda loves them). Made from recycled materials and stitched together with hemp twine, the notebooks can be enhanced with an assortment of buttons in such shapes as flowers or squares and stamped with words, dragonflies, mannequins or other fun designs. —L.A.


Feel the rush with Redken For Men's new Invigorating System, which includes Mint Clean Invigorating Shampoo, Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner and Chill Blast Daily Anti-Dandruff Leave-In treatment. Men love the minty fragrance, but they're also hooked on the results: stronger hair and a purified scalp. —N.G.


The skincare experts at Exhale spas in New York City, Santa Monica, CA, Chicago, Dallas and Boston recently rolled out a new skincare menu of 15 amazing treatments. The jewel on the list is an innovative, 90-minute facial experience called Magic. It reduces inflammation, detoxifies skin and builds collagen and elastin using a combination of noninvasive treatments, such as sound waves, mushroom enzymes and antioxidant-loaded cocktails. "Magic heals the skin while beautifying it," says Red Zoë, director of skincare development. "It's good to get this treatment once a season, or before any important event." —C.W.

Brushing Up

Now that fashion forecasts are showing soft volume with some curl, you'll want to try the new Technique #400 two-inch round brush from The Cricket Company. Tourmaline ionic and static-free bristles infuse moisture into the hair and scalp, while eliminating flyaways. Antimicrobial protection infused into the plastic also helps guard against the growth of bacteria. —M.D.

Pedi Pampering

Keep feet warm and comfortable even during the cold winter months with SPA Pedi-Sox by Pedi-Sox. These extra thick cotton socks not only protect feet from the cold, but they also keep polish from smudging and help moisturizers and lotion absorb better in the skin for soft and smooth feet. 888/536-1577 —N.P.

Pocket Perfection

With Warren-Tricomi's miniature flat iron, you'll never have another bad hair day. Measuring only 6 inches in length, it allows for easy travel and gets close to the scalp for extreme precision. The mini flat iron is made with tourmaline nano ceramic technology and heats up to 400 degrees in just three minutes. —N.G.

Feed Your Skin

302 Skincare is a unique new line that was developed as a result of an ethno-botanical survey project in Central America. It sounds about as far removed from the beauty world as you can get, but the survey revealed that the indigenous people there, who consume significant amounts of avocados, exhibited remarkable skin health. The name of the line—302—comes from the molecular weight of the avocado-derived compound the company patented and uses in all of its products. At the core of the company's philosophy are back bar and take-home regimens that address a number of skin complaints, as well as careful development of 302 professional skincare outlets. —C.W.


Tom Julian, senior vice president and director of trends for ad agency McCann Erickson, looks at the new face of New York City's Fifth Avenue.

Manhattan's Fifth Avenue is considered one of the world's premier shopping streets. With its rich history and iconic landmarks, the stretch between 34th and 60th streets is "the commercial thoroughfare" and shopping-worthy area. Global brands and prestige names line the east and west sides, from Bergdorf Goodman and Cartier to Tiffany & Co. and Saks Fifth Avenue. Specialty brands that attract kids, tweens and teens include American Girl, Disney and Abercrombie & Fitch, respectively. Meanwhile, beauty offerings, such as Cornelia Day Resort and John Barrett Salon have brought a feminine face to Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue has also reflected the decades' architectural design. During the '70s, it was glass, epitomized by the Olympic Tower, which was the first skyscraper to combine shops, offices and owner-occupied luxury apartments; the '80s brought decadent marble, used throughout Trump Tower; while the new millennium ushered in transparency in the form of the Apple store, with its 32-foot glass cube that acts as art, as well as the store's entrance.

Tom Julian
Tom Julian

Now a new face is emerging again on Fifth Avenue, thanks to major refurbishing projects and relocations:

Plaza Hotel. Following a two-year, $400 million refurbishment, this Beaux Arts landmark returns as a destination, with private residencies, hotel rooms (managed by Fairmont Hotels), multiple floors of retail shops, and meeting and event spaces. With more than 200 rooms, the Plaza maintains its French Louis XV atmosphere, with period decor and furnishings. The collection of boutiques is situated alongside of the famed Edwardian Room and the Grand Concourse, looking out at Central Park. At press time, fashion operators included designer Rachel Roy and decor master Jay Strongwater, while beauty destinations are Warren-Tricomi and Caudalie Spa.

Gucci. The luxury label has relocated to the Trump Tower. With more than 40,000-square-feet of space and three levels, it's the largest flagship in the world. Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini and American architect James Carpenter have created an environment of gleaming glass. The flagship store offers women's and men's apparel and accessories, gifts and collectibles, jewelry, fragrances, and more.

Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon. This historic space dating back to the 1930s has been called a "21st -century makeover" by beauty critics. The flagship location offers more than 600-square-feet of selling space, boasting an extensive product range displayed against a 14-foot curved wall, numerous pampering spa treatments and haircolor services by renowned colorist Brad Johns.

There's more to come: Giorgio Armani's mega-shop, which will showcase all Armani labels, a restaurant concept and a beauty offering; Ermenegildo Zegna's refurbished boutique; and Juicy Couture.