Nothing keeps your creativity on edge like quality education, regardless of where you find it.

The spring trade show season is upon us, and with it comes the wide variety of education that's available to us beauty professionals. At IBS New York this month, we can get an incredible sampling of what's going on in the industry, and if we choose, we can get even more specific information through hands-on workshops and smaller seminars. Without fail, I find that the most successful salons and stylists are the ones who invest the most time and money into education. Their main reason for keeping themselves motivated and aware of new trends and techniques? Simply, to always have something fresh to offer their clients, and to keep their creativity from going stale.


While the major academies and trade shows are where we expect to find cutting-edge education, I find a hidden gem every so often—unexpected places like 72 Degrees, in Minneapolis [; (612) 870-7272]. Founded a year ago by Beatrice Bartelds, 72 Degrees has a wonderful, edgy, intimate setting that offers a menu of education conducted by well-known artists in our industry. Recognizing the wealth of untapped talent in her city, Beatrice decided to bring education into Minneapolis, rather than having to travel to get it.

Recently I conducted a seminar there for the successful Avant Salon. It was my second seminar of the year, focusing on a new approach to sectioning and techniques to create truly modern and wearable haircuts for any client. The concept consists of two or three basic sectioning patterns, made up of large and small triangles. Whether you're working with color or cutting, changing the technique used in any or all of the triangles completely changes the look. It's a fun technique for stylists to do, and it is a fast way to satisfy clients who are ready to move on to a new style.

At IBS and at our own New York academy, we'll be sharing these concepts with stylists. But whether you get your motivation in a grassroots environment or at a big show, what really matters most is that you stay motivated and excited about what you do. And learning should be fun! My motto is, if you're not having fun doing it, then what's the point? I hope to see you at the show or here at RARE in New York this year.

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