NYC Bridal Fashion Week 2011: Amsale

Amsale’s bridal collection has always reflected a classic and polished bride. To complement the dresses yet create a more updated overall look, Tearsheet Artistic Director and Redken session stylist Giovanni Giuntoli decided to give the runway hairstyles a modern edge. “I was going for a next generation feeling,” Giuntoli said, “I wanted to keep the style fresh and playful.”

Like last season, Giuntoli decided to go with a ponytail, but chose a high ponytail this time around. “I wanted to play up the angles of the model’s face shape, and more importantly to streamline into the shapes of the wedding gowns themselves,” Giuntoli said. The high ponytails added the desired height and were left soft and “not too slick” in a natural texture flowing down the models’ backs.

Giuntoli prepped the hair with a mixture of Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream Mousse and Spray Starch 15. Once the hair was dry, he back-brushed at the roots for added volume and started gathering the hair into sections. At the top back of the crown, he pinned some hair into a horseshoe to create height, then covered that with another section of hair that he pulled into a high ponytail. To complete the look, Giuntoli wrapped a small piece of hair around the ponytail to hide the elastic. The style was finished with Shine Flash 02 to keep with Amsale’s polished aesthetic.

--Pearly Huang