Optimum Exposure

Hair flaunts its flirty side with vibrant colors in this new collection from The Doves Creative Team.

Prism, the latest body of work from Chris and Sonya Dove, Chris Rosario and The Doves Creative Team, seen exclusively on these pages, is a play of color and light dancing together in perfect harmony. “The whole idea was to create works of art in each head of hair,” says Chris Dove, co-owner of a namesake hair studio in Santa Monica, CA. To that end, the artists integrated sculpted shapes, bold hues and intricate color techniques to amplify individuality and showcase a strong sense of style. “Good things tend to always happen when you challenge your creativity,” Sonya says. —Kelley Donahue

photography: Nicolas Troncin; makeup: Eric Allen


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(Image Below) After cutting, bleaching and toning natural hair, the team lightened a hairpiece from the Hairdreams Volume Plus collection in the same manner. They added Quikkies extensions to the underside of the multishaded blue piece, then attached it before cutting and blending it with the model’s own length.

(Image Below) The team created a pre-shaped form, then attached extensions that had been colored various shades of red, draping them from the center to the outside, before sculpting them to the form. Next, they molded the hair into a conical form, twisting sections and shaping one onto another to create a solid base for the dome.

(Image Below) To create this look featuring S-shapes, the team hand-painted several sets of Quikkies self-adhesive extensions to contrast with the model’s natural hair. After blow-drying strands and styling them into ponytails, the team attached the extensions midway down the tails, then styled the design, integrating the natural hair into flowing vertical strips.

(Image Below) Using a small artist’s paintbrush and a smudging technique, the team hand-painted multiple hues onto the surface of a Volume Plus hairpiece before blending. Once the team had affixed the multicolored piece to the model’s hair, they cut and styled the look, pulling the length into a sleek ponytail.