Our Town


1. Reaction Salon


Having a well-defined vision—and the discipline to go after that vision—is what Reaction owner and business director Jeff Hankins believes makes the salon so successful. "We are all focused on high standards here," says Hankins, who founded the salon with his wife, Tina. "We don't hire a lot of experienced hairstylists. Instead, we focus on having the right kind of people work for us and then giving them the education and apprentice program to learn. We've built superstars from scratch."


The 3,600-square-foot Bumble and bumble exclusive salon offers a wide variety of hair, skin and nail services and features a modern and minimalist decor that is clean and simple yet slightly urban. The salon displays a variety of artwork, including a collection of Andy Warhol paintings. To stay ahead of the trends, the hair team is regularly sent to New York City for education and inspiration and encouraged to bring what they learn back to the salon.

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2. Matt Wayne Salon


Matt Wayne Salon is located in the Midtown section of Omaha, amid coffee houses, boutiques and art galleries. The 2,500-square-foot Aveda Concept Salon, which opened in 1997, offers a wide range of hair, nail and skin services, as well as complimentary add-ons, such as scalp and hand massages, with each service.


The contemporary decor, which features warm, neutral colors and a fireplace in the waiting room, creates a relaxing atmosphere for clients. Says Matt Wayne, owner of his namesake salon, "When clients enter the salon they feel like they can finally relax and be pampered."

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3. T'eez Salon


According to T'eez Salon owner Thomas Sena, the key to its success is education. "We have classes every week; twice a week for those who are new," he says. According to Sena, the salon's well-thought-out Web site and reputation for offering fashion-forward trendy styles are responsible for attracting the predominately professional, community-conscious clientele, many of whom are transplants to Omaha from various parts of the United States. The 2,400-square-foot space, which features an urban industrial decor complete with open ceilings, exposed fixtures and custom-made steel styling stations, plays videos from salon-hosted events and fashion shows on flat-screen televisions throughout. Such events include an annual Dog Wash, with proceeds donated to the Humane Society, and Ladies Nights, on which female clients can invite their friends into the salon for consultations and blow-outs, in addition to information on hair and makeup trends.


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4. The Grove Salon


"We promote teamwork and a family-oriented atmosphere here," says Steve Grove, who co-owns the salon with his wife, Angela, who was named 1997 NAHA Student Hairstylist of the Year. In addition to hair services, the salon offers facials, lash extensions and teeth-whitening services. The salon features a European-inspired decor with warm colors of mustard, brown and cream, as well as dark cherry wood and black seen throughout. The colors were chosen to make men feel as comfortable at the salon as women, according to Steve. Clients enjoy the open color bar at the salon, where they can watch their color being mixed right in front of them. They can also attend Switch parties to learn how to switch up their hair and recreate the look at home.


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