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Who & What: Daniel Lozada, the recently crowned winner of the Professional category at the 2013 Sebastian Professional What’s Next Awards (WNA) competition, shot our cover feature with photographer Albert Sanchez. Where: Studio 1342 in Los Angeles. Why: The shoot was part of the grand-prize package that Lozada and New Talent/Student category winner Rachel Carr received after nabbing the top honor at the finals, held in the City of Angels in April. Creative Outlet: As Lozada and Carr began prepping the four models for the shoot, Lozada took a moment to reflect on what his big win at WNA meant to him. “It’s truly been one the most significant experiences of my life,” he says. “It’s given me an opportunity to have my work showcased in one of the most important hairstyle magazines in the United States.” City Slickers: The dynamic duo put their own special spin on Sebastian’s Urban Explorers collection—Lozada reinterpreting looks inspired by São Paulo and Shanghai, and Carr from São Paulo and San Francisco. Keeping Up Appearances: Makeup artist Eric Allen offset the dramatic hair looks with bold eyes and lips. Hand Picks: OPI Technical Support and PR Event Coordinator Bobbie Naohara played up the total look with edgy nails, glazing them with OPI Casino Royale and Ski Teal We Drop. Onward and Upward: At the close of their whirlwind day, Lozada and Carr packed their gear and headed for their flights back to Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania, respectively. The two winners agree that being published is the dream a lifetime.
✂ —Kelley Donahue

photography: Albert sanchez; Tops: Raghaus (web), Anthony Franco (bikini); Skirt: Rachael Cassar; Cuffs: Pluma; Bangles: Misaki; Rings: Cheap Monday (cube), Madstone (skull)


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Left to Right, FROM ABOVE: A rack filled with the shoot’s wardrobe; Daniel Lozada creates a braid; colorful jewelry completed the total look; Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus helped hold hairstyles in place; Bobbie Naohara polishes the model’s digits with OPI lacquers.


Hair How-To

For this uber-chic look inspired by São Paulo, Daniel Lozada used Sebastian Professional’s Micro Crimper and Shaper Plus to texturize the hair. After creating a four-strand braid in the triangular top section, he fashioned multiple three-strand plaits on the sides, puckering and pinning them. He then split the hair in the back in half, creating two ponytails in each section before rope braiding and puckering them. To finish, he expanded the braids, pinning the hair on one side and misting it with Shaper Plus.