Paul Mitchell Schools Show Support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Paul Mitchell Schools across the nation will raise money and spread awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and other cancer-related causes. Paul Mitchell Schools began contributing to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when a member of the corporate team was diagnosed with the disease.

"That first year, many of our school owners and directors personally donated money and shaved their heads to show support for our colleague," said Dean and Cofounder Winn Claybaugh. "Each of our 100-plus schools does their part to raise money and awareness on their campus and in their community."

Paul Mitchell The School San Diego began fundraising early with their September Wig Competition, which benefitted Trinity LifeGuard Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting cancer and providing patients with faith, love and support. Jeanne Braa Foster, Paul Mitchell’s original artistic director, founded the organization with her husband Dean Foster. The current artistic director and vice president of education, Stephanie Kocielski, emceed the competition, which featured a collection of wigs styled by students.


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Celebrity judges included Robert Lobetta, Latin American hairdressing award winner Sheila Gomez, and San Diego salon owners Jet (of Jet Rhys) and Melissa Jaqua (of The Workshop). The winner received a photo shoot with beauty photographer Gary Lyons, who photographed the event. Together the students raised over $3000 for LifeGuard, and all the wigs will be donated to cancer patients.

"We’re often asked why giving back is such a key part of our curriculum," Claybaugh says. "Nearly all of us have been touched by some form of cancer. That makes it personal, and we want to do our part to support survivors and their families and help find a cure."

To learn more or to get involved with the Paul Mitchell Schools' fundraising efforts, please visit —S.Z.