PBA Announces New Board of Directors and Leadership Councils

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) announced its newly elected Board of Directors and Leadership Council members for the 2011 to 2013 term. The new officers include Max Wexler of Beauty and Craft Supply & Equipment Co. as Chair; Scott Buchanan of Scott J Salons & Spas as Vice Chair; and Bruce Selan of Zotos International as Treasurer. The new Board of Directors members are Harlan Kirschner of the Kirschner Group and Beth Hickey of Spa Specialties Representatives. New council members include Ken Russo of Conair Corporation and Colin Walsh of Matrix USA for the Manufacturing Leadership Council; Cynthia Heisser of Ultimate Beauty Companies for the Distributor Leadership Council; Oliver Steinnagel of Oliver’s Hair Salon for the Salon & Spa Leadership Council; and James Jordan of Matthew Ray Salon/KMS California Global Marketing for the Beauty Professionals/NCA Leadership Council.  —Kristen Heinzinger


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