PBA/NCA Announce October is 'Dining for Change' Month

The Professional Beauty Association/National Cosmetology Association invite stylists and salons to participate in their annual 'Dining for Change' fundraiser in October. The event encourages salon and spa professionals to unite throughout the month of October to host dinners or social gatherings to raise money for two industry causes: Cut It Out, a program that is dedicated to fighting domestic abuse as part of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, and PBA/NCA’s Disaster Relief Fund, which helps salon and beauty professionals rebuild after natural disasters. The goal of the benefit is to raise more than $250,000, an average of $25 per person.

To get started in hosting your own 'Dining for Change' gathering, PBA/NCA recommend: host a dinner or reception in your salon for clients; promote 'Dining for Change' in your salon and encourage visitors to host their own dinner parties; invite surrounding businesses or other salon owners to a dinner in your salon; find a creative venue to hold the event; and invite the local media so they can share your story and educate the public.

For more information about 'Dining for Change' visit probeauty.org/dining-for-change.

—Kristen Heinzinger