Pulp Riot: New Color Company Announces Product Launch

David and Alexis Thurston, creators of nationally recognized brands Butterfly Loft and Butterfly Circus, and high profile stylists; Ash Fortis, Iris Smith, Jay Olson, Jenny Strebe, Linh Phan, and Rickey Zito, are the architects behind Pulp Riot, an innovative new hair color company that empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists while providing them with superior paint to create their masterpieces.  In addition to custom formulating the products, together this team makes up the ownership group and each has a leadership role in the marketing, education, or product development departments.

For the past year, the creators of Pulp Riot have turned the industry education model on its head, and now they have their sights set on revolutionizing the established product manufacturing, marketing, and distribution models.

The Pulp Riot team believes their large social media presence (together they have over 1 million Instagram followers) that connects them to the stylists community on a daily basis will elevate the stylist community and the products Pulp Riot produces.

David Thurston, Founder and President, explained, “We’ve spent the past year creating a new color company that will be far more responsive to new hair color trends. Never before have the people creating the products, been so closely connected to the people using the products. Our team will not only use the products on a daily basis in our own salons but, through social media and innovative education, we will also directly inspire, educate, and collaborate with the stylists using our color line around the world. In turn, the stylists that use our products will be able to give instant feedback and inspire new product ideas and trends, providing a springboard to innovation.  With Pulp Riot, there are zero degrees of separation between the formulators and the stylists using the product.”

To launch the product line, the Pulp Riot team recently held a first-of-its-kind, creative color event in Los Angeles called Pulp Riot Lab, where they assembled 18 of the top colorists in the world to create vivid and pastel masterpieces on 18 different models, using Pulp Riot color. Event participants have flooded social media sites with photos of their models, and have unanimously rewarded the product line with stellar reviews.

Alexis Thurston said, “Our goal was not to just create another color line, but instead create superior products. Our colors apply easier, they’re more vibrant, they last longer, and they fade more true to tone. Also, they’re 100% vegan, ammonia free, cruelty free, and are powered by quinoa.”

The initial launch is a special limited release of 16 semi-permanent colors that are currently only available to select stylists. A full launch across North America is expected in May. 

About: David Thurston is the founder of Butterfly Loft salon and Ubungalows Luxury Salon Suites, that combined make up a 10,000 square foot salon and spa located in Los Angeles, California.  He is also the founder of Butterfly Circus, a touring education team made up of some of the most recognizable stylists in the world, who collaborate to put on large hair shows.  David is also the co-founder of Butterfly Loft Academy, a hands-on education company that teaches the latest Balayage, color melt, and vivid/pastel coloring techniques. Follow Butterfly Loft on Instagram.