Ray of Light

Ray of Light - March 2014 Feature in Amaerican Salon Magazine

Photography by Jack Eames

Refraction—the soft, dual shades that break through a prism—was the inspiration for the newest release seen exclusively on these pages from Anna Chapman and Petros Mairoudhiou, who hail from the renowned Trevor Sorbie salon in the United Kingdom. “The London collection is filled with contemporary classic shapes that Petros and I paired with refractive hues reminiscent of the colorful looks seen on the catwalks,” Chapman says. To get the hair just right, the duo called on a variety of techniques that ranged from applying color all over to sponging it on. “The result is a mix of soft and strong looks encompassing all lengths and textures,” Chapman says. “London truly features something for everyone.”

Makeup: Chantelle James and Megumi Matsuno; fashion styling: Desiree Lederer


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IMAGE ABOVE: After creating a low side-part, leaving out the front section, Chapman and Mairoudhiou pulled back the remaining hair into a tight ponytail, fishtail-plaiting it while using pins to secure. Next, they loosely tonged the front section, backcombing the roots and misting with hairspray.

IMAGE ABOVE: Stunning hues and texture take center stage in this look that Anna Chapman and Petros Mairoudhiou created by prepping the hair with mousse, fashioning a middle part and tonging small hair sections in a brickwork pattern before misting them with hairspray. They pinned curls and let them cool, then used their hands to shake them out.

IMAGE ABOVE: To create this modern-day take on the bob, Chapman and Mairoudhiou strategically placed color accents in the hair before spritzing it with volumizing spray and blow-drying.

IMAGE ABOVE: After prepping the hair with volumizing spray and blow-drying for movement, Chapman and Mairoudhiou used a medium tong and hairspray to create curls, securing them with pins. Once curls cooled, they removed the pins and used a natural bristle brush and their hands to create waves before misting the style with hairspray and shine spray.

IMAGE ABOVE: To achieve this radiant look, the duo prepped hair with smoothing balm, then blow-dried locks until they were sleek and glossy. Next, they used a flat-iron to make the hair super straight and cotton thread to randomly affix beads.

IMAGE ABOVE: After imbuing the hair with a beautiful blue hue, Chapman and Mairoudhiou prepped it with smoothing balm, then used a Denman brush to wrap-dry and create movement. To finish, they blasted the style with a blow-dryer and misted with shine spray.