Recharge with Wahl Education and Artistic Team & Power Up Your Passion

If you want to power up your passion, technique and style, it’s time to plug in with the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.). W.E.A.T. will kick off 2015 with their line up of shows, events and classes January 24-26, at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California. This year’s class is called Wahl Recharge.

“Everyone, no matter how much or little time they have invested in their careers, needs a little spark, inspiration, rejuvenation. It keeps you competitive,” says Laura VanderMoere Director of Education for Wahl Clipper Corporation. “When we do something long enough we tend to get into a routine which can lead to burn-out. It's interesting because our job as stylists is to keep our clients updated and ahead of the latest trends but yet we seem to be the most resistant to changing our ways.”

This year’s classes are diverging from the traditional curriculum to feature the unique talents and artistry of W.E.A.T educators. The Long Beach expo will feature W.E.A.T. members Christina Goree and Juan Ramos. Additional W.E.A.T. educators will be featured during America's Beauty Show held Mar 21-23 in Chicago and at Premiere held May 30-June 1 in Orlando.


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Goree is an internationally renowned educator. With more than 15 years as a WAHL Educator, Goree inspires students with everything from classic fundamentals of barbering to bold color artistry. Goree has worked with the most elite clients including professional athletes, top models, television and feature film stars.

Ramos, started his career when he was 14, sweeping, cleaning and attending to customers at his mother’s salon.  Mastering the art of fading at 16, Ramos knew he was destined to become a hairstylist. Graduating from both high school and cosmetology school at the same time, Jay hit the industry running. He now owns multiple salons in New York and Florida.

“Our team is so extremely talented. They need to showcase their unique approach and gifts,” VanderMoere said. “For the past 3 years they have passionately dedicated themselves to our core classes. This is their time to shine. Being in charge of their class objective allows them to customize it to what their audience is asking for. “

Leaving the objectives up to the instructor, VanderMoere is hoping to create a personal, intimate classroom environment.

“We can offer open communication of what they want to learn versus the objectives we are teaching,” she said. “Don't get me wrong, there will be structure to the class. One topic that is always covered in any of our classes, and especially for our Recharge class, is a refresher on the features and benefits of our tools and how to use them. This informs the student of the difference between blades, motors, lines, etc. so they can make an educated decision when purchasing clippers or trimmers that will most benefit their desired results.”

Continuing education arms stylists with new techniques, but also with confidence to accept any type of request that comes their way. It also can give your clients confidence. You are up to date with the latest trends and provide a personal style that will make them trend setters rather than trend followers.

“The average client will stay with their stylist approximately 3 years for hair cuts and 3 to 5 for color. If one wants the reputation of being the go-to stylists or colorist in their market, continuing education is not an option. It is a must,” VanderMoere added.

W.E.A.T. is a 15-member group of industry professionals that are the leaders and educators for Wahl. They are highly trained and technology advanced artists capable of instructing any skill level. Their goal is to provide student and licensed hair professionals with clipper education, and they believe that education is the key to a stylist’s success. To meet the team, visit

About: Since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. With over 2500 employees worldwide, Wahl carries the tradition of innovation and superior customer service that was created by Leo J. Wahl. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl distributes to 176 countries and has eight global manufacturing facilities as well as eleven sales offices. Visit for more details.