Recreate Some Emmy Favorites


Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore have been some of the most talked about stars from Sunday's red carpet. Alterna Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby and Girlactik Beauty owner Galit Strugano explain how to get their looks.

blake-lively-emmy-awards-2009Blake Lively

Blake Lively looked polished but natural with her braided 'do and basic makeup. For her long sophisticated and sexy braid, Corby says the look can be accomplished with or without extensions. Here are his tips:


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  • Apply a straightening lotion, such as Alterna’s Hemp with Organics Straightening Balm, to damp, freshly washed hair then blow-dry hair pin straight
  • Gather hair at the top of the head and secure into a tight, high ponytail
  • Coat hands with a small amount of styling balm (Caviar Shaping Balm will do the trick) and run hands over the head towards the ponytail to get a sleek, frizz-free look
  • Braid the ponytail all the way to the end, securing with an elastic at the bottom of the braid
  • Spray the head and braid with a dry hair spray (he suggests TEN Hair Spray) that enhances shine to hold the style

Strugano says that a glowing, natural face like Lively's was a big trend at the Emmys. To get the look, she suggests starting with a tinted moisturizer and a coral/gold blush (Girlactik's Star Blush in Bora Bora is a good pick). For the eyes, use a shimmering nude shadow like Star Shadow in Suede with a thin line of eyeliner and a black mascara. Lips should shine with a natural pink or mauve shade like Star Gloss Pin Up.

drew-barrymore-emmy-awards-2009-06Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore recalled old Hollywood Glamour with her elegant updo and luscious red lips. The voluminous updo was "almost whimsical," says Corby, with some volume at the crown and a loose bun in the back. Here's how to do it:

  • Spray freshly washed hair with a styling primer (i.e. Alterna’s Caviar Styling Tonic) that adds volume and protects hair from thermal styling, then coat hair with a small amount of thickening lotion (try Hemp with Organics Thickening Compound)
  • Blow-dry hair with fingers, separating the hair to make sure it’s dry but allowing hair to remain slightly wavy. Dry hair only 75%
  • Pull the hair back loosely and secure into a mid/low ponytail
  • Tie up the hair into a loose knot/bun and secure
  • Coat fingers with a shaping balm and run them over the head, smoothing out flyaways and frizz

For the makeup, Strugano would keep most of the face simple like Blake Lively's natural look, but really make the lips pop with color and shine with a shade like her Star Gloss in Ooh La La Red.