Repêchage Launches Anti-Aging Hand Treatments to Salon and Spa Professionals

Repêchage President and Founder Lydia Sarfati has launched three new anti-aging hand treatments to salon and spa professionals to meet the ever growing demand for skincare treatments below the neck. Sarfati saw an opportunity for salon and spa professionals to up sell their manicure clients. “We have mastered anti-aging for the face and neck and with manicure services still on the rise, it made sense to marry the two services,” said Sarfati. “Hands are always out in the open and they can often be a window into our true age. Spa clients want beautiful skin on their face and they want their hands to match.”

Skincare Professionals gathered from across the country and parts of the Caribbean to attend a hands-on training at the Lydia Sarfati Post-Graduate SkinCare Academy in Secaucus, NJ.  Sarfati kicked off the day with an overview of the company history and vast product offerings. Repêchage Vice President National Business Development Susan Vindics then took over to discuss sales initiatives and promotions to help small business owners increase their revenue. Later in the day, Corporate Educator Lauren Streeter showed attendees step-by-step the full Repêchage Anti-Aging Facial for the hands including proper massage, chemical peel application and mask application techniques.

Upon completion of the course, hands-on workshop attendees were awarded the Diplôme D’ Honneur, the most prestigious diploma offered at Repêchage. Salon and spa owners will be implementing the new anti-aging and anti-hyper pigmentation services just in time for fall skin care repair.


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