Repêchage Launches Newest Treatment in Milan

Repêchage CEO and Founder, Lydia Sarfati, and Euracom, the official distributors of Repêchage in Italy, celebrated the launch of the newest professional treatment from the seaweed-based skin care company, Repêchage Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks with Nutriceutical Organic Actives.  Repêchage also introduced two new at-home products for the Fusion brand, the Fusion All Natural Face and Body Wash and the Fusion All Natural Face Moisturizer.

To celebrate the launch, over 80 attendees gathered at Palazzo Bovara in Milan, Italy. Beauty industry professionals, representatives of the U.S. Commercial Service in Milan, executives and employees of Euracom, including Claudio d'Emilio, Marketing Manager, Maurizio d'Emilio, General Sales Director, and Giorgio d'Emilio, President, and Italian media gathered to hear Sarfati speak about this new spa concept. International Spa Consultant and Repêchage Mexico distributor Yolanda Amador Origel joined Sarfati to introduce this new beauty concept.

In her presentation, “From Sea to Science," Sarfati is spoke of how proud she is to bring this new beauty concept to Italy.


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“Fusion is a spa concept that is going to open new doors," said Sarfati. "It combines the powerful benefits of our renowned Laminaria digitata seaweed with the best ingredients from earth that have true benefits to the skin. Together, a sensory facial treatment is created that can be enjoyed by all skin types and all ages. Mommy and Me type treatments, bachelorette party facials, couples facials and massages, teens and tweens birthday parties, or as upgrades to massage and other spa services are just some of the ways this new treatment can be utilized, making it a great enhancement to all spa menus.”

Yolanda (Mayola) Amador Origel, International Spa Consultant and Repêchage Mexico Distributor, discussed the importance for spas to offer quality, innovation, price-quality relation, and fun and daring options. Amador pointed how important it is for spas to focus on being innovative so that they cannot be duplicated. This mindset has helped her achieve success with spa concept that she has brought to life in Mexico: Melange World Spa, a spa based on cultural spa traditions from around the world, Barber & Booze, a venue for male grooming services that offers a lounge area to enjoy a signature, mixology cocktail, and Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar, an outlet for mothers and daughters to get pampered together that has had great success with Repêchage Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks with Nutriceutical Organic Actives.

The Repêchage Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks with Nutriceutical Organic Actives is a restorative, relaxing facial treatment that provides real nutritive benefits to the skin while stimulating the senses, Sarfati explained in her presentation. The new spa treatment utilizes Repêchage’s renowned Laminaria digitata seaweed, as well as aloe vera, orange water, coconut oil, and acai berry. These ingredients are combined with organic actives of chocolate, matcha (green tea), mixed berries (blueberry, strawberry, and beet root) and vanilla and pumpkin actives to create the four Fusion Facials: Chocofina Fusion, Matchafina Fusion, Berryfina Fusion, and Vanillafina Fusion. All have intensive anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and leave the skin looking and feeling restored, smooth and hydrated. To compliment the treatment is two products suitable for all ages, Repêchage Fusion All Natural Face Moisturizer, a rich soufflé of whipped coconut oil combined with aloe vera, chamomile, vanilla and rooibos essence, and Laminaria complex, and Repêchage Fusion All Natural Face and Body Wash - a gentle cleanser that combines a blend of coconut and olive oils with the scent of tropical acai berry. Both products were created out love for Sarfati’s children and grandchildren.

Italy is the first country to launch in Europe, since the official U.S. launch on May 2, 2016. Countries that will soon be introducing this new concept include: UK, Malta, Trinidad, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Romania, Poland, Canada, Australia, Guatemala, the Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Colombia, India and more!

About: Founder and CEO of the first company to bring seaweed-based skincare treatments and cosmetics to fruition in the U.S market, Lydia Sarfati is an industry leader. She is the developer of the world-renowned Repêchage® Four Layer Facial®, offered in over 40 countries, and today, she presides over a 50,000 square foot manufacturing, research and development and training facility in Secaucus, NJ. She appears nationally and internationally at esthetic trade shows, has produced 17step-by-step instructional videos, is the author of Success at Your Fingertips, and has published The Repêchage Professional Skin Care Methods and Protocols and The Lydia Sarfati Book of Skin Science, both comprehensive works of skin conditions, skincare and body treatments, and medical esthetics including pre and post-operative care protocols.