Repêchage to Host 3-Day Oncology Training Program

Training content created by Becky Kuehn who shares her knowledge, experience, and compassion working with cancer patients from two hospital programs that she created. She is a licensed Master Esthetician, licensed Cosmetologist, and NCEA Certified. Her 31 years of experience and over 6 years dedicated to working with cancer patients, provides intimate knowledge of the essential skills necessary to work with cancer survivors and enhance their quality of life. She along with her team of amazing trainers makes this a class not to be missed!

Course Includes:
• Training manual/workbook ($125 value)
• Canvas Oncology-Trained Tote bag ($35 value)
• USB flash drive with digital product information/forms ($60 value)
• Equipment ($150 value)
• Product samples ($60 value)
• Lunch is supplied each day ($40 value)
• Certificate of Completion
• 10 CE’s Approved by the Commission on Accreditation ($149 value)
Course Content:
• Discuss oncology to have a better understanding of cancer
• Examine cancer treatments and their effects
• Identify side effects to create personalized safe treatments
• Recognize how a cancer diagnosis affects both physical and emotional health
• Compare ingredients in our personal care products
• Explore your role in skin cancer
• Manage CAT Forms - Consultation
• Demonstrate hands-on practical
• Discuss marketing to utilize your oncology skills in your community
Price for 3 days is $897
Registration: Contact [email protected] or by calling (253) 405-5810



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