The Rockabilly: Not Just Bringing Back a Look, But Recreating a Lifestyle

This special guest post is from American Crew Creative Director Craig Hanson:

Image courtesy of American Crew

Cool was redefined in the 1950s as the mix of rock and roll, blues and country, combined together with a rebellious style and attitude.  Those who followed this trend defied authority and created their own rules. They were called Rockabillies. The revival of the Rockabilly has hit the runways and the airways, and is making its way to the streets this year.

American Crew’s take on the Rockabilly culture transcends the traditional notion of a greaser into someone a bit more artistic, extravagant and experimental.  We’re playing with pompadours, exaggerated shapes and creative sculpting with the help of Superglue, an extreme hold and shine gel launching this spring from American Crew.


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As a stylist and an artist, you know that these trendsetters want more than the basic crew cut. How do you create new looks for them that go with the old school attitude? And not only for your more experimental groomers, but surprisingly most men are looking to try something new. Statistics show 77 percent of men want to try a new style.* So what styles can you create for the men who want exaggerated shapes? Men who want styles that defy gravity and stay put?

American Crew has captured this trend with some in-your-face looks your clients will love. Looks that have the highest hold and shine created from our new Superglue gel. With Superglue you will be surprised at just how easy it is to create bold pompadours and exaggerated shapes that defy tradition….. Follow the directions below, using Superglue to create a sweeping lift.

RECOMMENDED HAIR TYPE: Coarse with natural wave

STYLING PRODUCTS USED: American Crew's Superglue


Step 1: Wash hair with American Crew Daily Shampoo and condition with American Crew Stimulating Conditioner

Step 2: Thoroughly towel dry hair.

Step 3: Apply a generous amount of Superglue and create a pompadour shape by combing hair up and off the face. Then comb the sides of the hair up and back to create a strong silhouette. Allow hair to air dry.

To learn how to create all of the new Rockabilly looks ask your distributor about the Superglue Intro Kits available in salons this month. The intros include the educational tech guide with step-by-step instructions for five new styles. 1*Men’s grooming Products: A global Analysis. Packaged Facts, November 2009