Salon Karma and the Business of Animal Rescuing

Stylist and salon owner Danielle Keasling has a huge love of hairdressing, but also of animals and do-gooding which goes hand-in-hand with the name of her business Salon Karma, located in Hilton Head Island, SC. Keasling, who was recently featured in the October issue of American Salon for her peek-a-boo-inspired collection, recently rescued four stray kittens found just outside the salon.

Keasling dubs this occurrence as "Karma Kittens."

"When I moved to the south in 1998 from Minneapolis, Minnesota I quickly realized that the warm weather down here was a huge factor in the feral cat population," Keasling says. "This is my third litter of Karma Kittens since owning Salon Karma for the past two years."


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With the help of Palmetto Animal League (PALS), Keasling has learned how to safely trap stray kittens, socialize them, and get them ready for adoption. "For these kittens, we set the traps and caught three in one night during our holiday customer appreciation night! I was sneaking out checking the traps in between greeting clients," Keasling says.

They finally caught the fourth kitten and have plans to catch the mother cat to get her spayed. The kittens are 12-weeks old, have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered and are showing signs of socialization. Keasling keeps them safe and warm in her master bathroom until adoption.

"They aren't yet the sweet kittens you may pick up that have been handled since birth, but they have great potential," Keasling says. "To me they are a wonderful challenge and I love that I know they have so much to be thankful for because their futures are going to be so much brighter than living on the streets."

To adopt a Karma Kitten, or learn more, call 843/757-5762. If you have a story of how you or your salon gives back, email Jolene at [email protected]