Sam Villa’s Hairstyle Creations Emphasize Texture

Redken Education Artistic Director Sam Villa drew inspiration from vintage images and styles to create his range of hair looks titled Black and White Texture. Crafted using the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron and a variety of techniques, the finished looks were photographed in black and white to show the subtle nuances in tress texture. Follow the steps below to style clients’ tresses using Villa’s new Cloud Set Technique. — Ivy Tan *Photos courtesy of Sam Villa.

1.For the collection’s Cloud Set look, Villa incorporated elements from Baroque weaving. He first sprayed a small section of hair with Redken Hot Sets 22 thermal setting mist and combed strands through before taking a 2-inch square section from the scalp and tying with a string at the base.

2. Villa weaved the section in a figure eight direction—over, under, through and around—and tied at the end. The section was then compressed using a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron.

3. Villa let the section cool before cutting the strings at both ends to reveal the hair’s voluminous, cloudy texture. He brushed out the hair using a Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush.

4.  Villa misted Redken Forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to hold the style in place.

The finished look shot in black and white to highlight details in the style and enhance dramatic effect.