Scruples Announces #UrbanUnicorn Contest Winners

photo courtesy of @roshambo_nancy, the 2017 Urban Unicorn Contest winner

Earlier this summer, Scruples Hair Care launched their very first Urban Unicorn Contest. Artists were encouraged to submit color transformation photos for their chance to win the $400 grand prize and an URBAN SHOCK Brights Intro Kit. After two months of competition, a panel of judges, including Mia Liguori, Co-President Creative for Scruples and Alyssa Weiner, Creative Color Specialist narrowed down the photo submissions to a first, second and third place winner. And the winners are...

First Place: @roshambo_nancy


"I love how the colors intermingle with one another, especially in an effortless looking style. They're abstract, fresh and current. It totally inspired me to go out of the box with my creative palette," Alyssa Weiner, Creative Color Specialist says. 

Second Place:  @hairbyangelah

This look had extra vibrant tones and a seamless color melt that really caught the judges attention. The cool blue and violet shades not only added drama, but they gave the hair a richer tone and enviable glossy finish.  

Third Place: @embracegirl

"This sweet pastel color placement is beautifully blended," Mia Liguori, Co-President Creative for Scruples says. "The color scheme reminds me of a swirl of rainbow sherbet or a candy necklace. Only one word to describe this masterpiece: delicious!'
About: A family owned and privately operated company since 1983, Scruples works to improve and retain your residual business - you own it. you build it. you keep it.


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