Scruples Synergy 2015: Sharp Focus

Beauty is all in the details with the latest looks from Scruples.Sharp Focus is a modern collection influenced by the pairing of strong, angled cuts with dynamic colors. The result is a spectrum of short, medium and longlooks that emphasize a focal point on Scruples vibrant creme color range,creating a structured collection with sharp style. 
Creative Director: Mia Liguori McHugh, Scruples Co-President Creative
Session Styling: Charlie Price, Scruples Independent Creative Consultant
Haircut: Scruples Design
Team Member: Katie Nielsen
Scruples Artist: April Godwin


Scruples Design Team Members: Chris Venesky and Katie Nielsen
Scruples Artists: Donna Campbell, Christopher Dore and Jacque Alexander Hansen
Makeup: Kumi Photography: riggs + bachen at ME Artists

About: Scruples' professional haircolor, hair care and styling products are always designed with the professional hairdresser in mind, offering superior results and salon exclusivity to help ensure stylists keep the business they've worked hard to build. For more information visit

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