Sealing the Deal

Stylists are creative by nature—American Salon Better Business Network members share how to get creative with

A good sale begins with knowing all about what’s being sold, salon owners agree. “Our staff completes a quarterly product knowledge class that covers the general benefits of each and every retail product we have,” says James Adams, creative director and owner of Shear Unity Salon & Spa in Bonita Springs, FL. “We also highlight new products that are being introduced.” In addition to the class, each staff member receives a book covering brands like John Amico and Wella.

At Tony Nachar Salon in Fairhope, AL, retail training includes advanced classes by Kérastase, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions that delve into product features. “It’s very important that our staff trains and stays up-to-date on the technology involved with each product and the lines catered to individual needs,” says Katie Boone, the salon’s marketing and sales director.


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Client consultations are an opportunity to retail. Tony Nachar Salon sells videos so clients can learn more about products and how to recreate salon styles at home. Shear Unity Salon & Spa offers a free consultation to all guests to discuss hair texture and condition, styling problems and more. Stylists can initiate these conversations about professional products at the shampoo bowl, as well.

Monetary incentives are bound to motivate stylists, which is why both of these salons offer rewards like commission. In addition, Tony Nachar Salon staff can participate in competitions with prizes like trips and gift cards.

Staff members aren’t the only ones who can help make a sale—product displays can also attract clients. “Effective retail displays have to be easily accessible and visually stimulating,” says Adams. Adds Boone, cleanliness and organization are also keys to a successful retail space.—Corie Hengst