Shear Genius Finalists at IBS New York

Shear Genius

Shear Genius My reality TV obsession reached its peak yesterday and Sunday when I got to meet the five finalists from Shear Genius 2 at IBS New York! I hung out with Dee, Charlie, Daniel, Nicole and Glenn for a bit backstage and got to see that they're exactly the same in person as they were on the show (yes, Charlie really is that, um, sassy -- love him!). I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but here are some highlights of their Main Stage performance:

  • Charlie's mantra is the 3 P's: Products, Prep and Planning
  • Favorite Tools: Dee loves De Fabulous and JPMS irons; Daniel favors CHI, and not just because he got them for free; Glenn and Charlie go for the Rusk SpeedFreak dryer ("It's hot, fast and powerful, just like I need a tool to be," Charlie said)
  • Charlie created the Marge Simpson style that was so controversial on the show (judges loved it, viewers didn't). He doesn't use a de-frizzing spray to tame the loose hairs: "Think of frizz as softness, not as something ugly."
  • Dee told the audience to always keep their eyes open for new ideas: "You can get inspiration from anywhere—from nature, from animals, etc."
  • Dee is a huge fan of the Freestylist pull-down dryers from Freestyle Systems at her new Miami salon D&L Hair Studio: "The Freestylist has saved my life, my back and my wrist." [UPDATE: Dee Adames has opened a new salon in South Beach: Dee & Co. Hair Studio]
  • Nicole was encouraged to try out by Nick Arrojo while she was an assistant in his salon. At 24, she was the youngest and least experienced contestant on the show—and she still finished 3rd! She credits the amazing training she received at Arrojo Studio.
  • Glenn waited for hours in the Texas heat to try out for the show (Daniel was at the same audition, but had a connection that enabled him to skip the line)