A new hair removal system has come to the market.

The Moujan 2000 from T.R. International offers an easy, effective, and natural way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Some items from the product line include the Moujan Cold and Hot Wax Kit, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for Body, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for Face, and the Moujan After Wax Lotion. For more information, call (800) 446-3998.


Rough Paste 12 from Redken is a combination styling cream and setting lotion that offers flexibility with hold. There are several different levels to choose from: soft (1-5, the green label), regular (6-15, the blue label), or firm (16 and up, the red label). The larger the number applied, the greater control provided. Rough Paste 12 helps create bold texture and strong definition with natural shine. For more information, call (800) REDKEN8.

3. KMS

Turnstylr Colors is a style-in and wash-out product for clients on the go who like to quickly change hairstyles at any given moment without having to commit to one alone. It is a medium- to firm-hold fixative that offers shine and translucence. The vibrant color offerings include: Manicblue, Purplelust, and Jadedgreen. Redrage, Goldrush, and Copperwired make up the fashion hues. For more information, call (800) 342-5567.

4. ISO

ISO Multiplicity has recently added a new moisture shampoo and conditioner to its haircare system designed to target dry, damaged, and color-treated strands. Moisture Hydrating Shampoo saturates the hair with moisture and a rich lather, making it revitalized and resilient. Moisture Hydrating Conditioner is a luxurious, creamy conditioner that replenishes and protects. Both products are specially formulated with NMF, natural moisturizing factor. For more information, call (800) ISO-HAIR.


Dense Thickening Spray is a non-aerosol spray that thickens and adds volume to locks leaving them lusciously soft with no sticky residue. From the roots to the ends, body can be built by spritzing damp strands. The product ingredients include lavender extract to increase volume, as well as aloe vera and evening primrose extracts that offer conditioning properties and moisture balance. For more information, call (800) 848-3383.


Need some new tools for your trade? Welcome Ceramic Tools Brush Collection from Jilbére de Paris, a product line that includes 12 round brushes of different sizes and a display designed specifically for the collection. These products help eliminate frizz and create soft, silky strands. They also hold heat longer and protect hair from its damaging effects. For more information, call (800) 726-6247.


The Professional Ozone Foot Bath from HotSpa gets rid of bacteria in foot bath water naturally. It has three special settings for massage/heat, aeration/ozone/heat, and water jets. Other features include waterproof toe-touch controls and a pedicure center with three non-motorized pedicure attachments, pumice, brush, and roller massage. An infrared heat pad also provides warm comfort to the soles of the feet. For more information, call (800) 480-8832.


The Cinnamon Sugar Self-Heating Body Treatment is a sweet way to gently and naturally exfoliate the skin. Pure cane sugar and sweet almond seed meal are the ingredients combined to reveal more radiant and smoother skin. This product also contains emollients packed with natural proteins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. The delicious cinnamon aroma is intoxicating for the senses as well. For more information, call (800) 248-SKIN.


Tea tree for two is an offering for men and women that incorporates Tea Tree Shave Gel, Tea Tree Liquid Hand Soap, and Tea Tree Body Bar, which all help the skin stay clean and smooth. All products are formulated with Australian tea tree oil, which has antibacterial qualities and provides an invigorating experience for the skin. For more information, ask your John Paul Mitchell Systems salon consultant or distributor.


Quantum Reds is a new leap for Zotos into the realm of red. The product line is formulated to replenish, refresh, brighten, and protect all shades of red strands and includes the Daily Color Replenishing Shampoo, the Daily Color Refreshing Conditioner, and the Daily 2-Phase Color Protector. The shampoo deposits color and brightens what's already there. The conditioner gently conditions as it moisturizes, strengthens, and protects the strands. The protector is a unique two-phase product that conditions and enhances shine. For more information, call (800) 242-9283.