Split ends can wreak havoc on beautifully colored hair. To the rescue comes the new Moisture Definition Hair Tip Serum, a super- smoothing serum that banishes split ends forever. The concentrated serum combines silicone, antioxidants and a UV absorber to seal ends and prevent future split ends as well. 800/200-1151


Tweezerman's Winged Brow Scissors are beautifully crafted and expertly engineered with ergonomically angled blades. A Tweezerman original, the scissors provide brow artists with the ultimate in fingertip control and precision when trimming and shaping brows.


For clients looking to impart high shine to dried-out strands, ThermaFuse Shine Polishing Spray is a miracle worker. It can be sprayed onto hair immediately after styling to add dazzling, high-gloss shine, or used on damp hair to lock out frizz. Like all ThermaFuse products, it's uniquely formulated to protect and repair heat-styled hair with a proprietary HeatSmart Complex. 800/331-HAIR


A foil alternative, Product Club's new Thermal Colour Wraps are made from polystyrene, which has a unique, nonslip texture that makes them easy to handle and thermal properties that allow for quick heat retention. Fast and easy to use, they require only one fold and reseal easily after checking processing. When it's time to rinse, they glide off hair, no unfolding required. 800/308-3588


The focus at Cinderella Hair is 100-percent human-hair extensions. However, realizing the need for a specialty extension, the company developed Profibre in 51 colors and braids in 13 colors. All 20-inches long, the extensions are available in nonfading colors like Silver, Oyster, Platinum, Snow White or Porcelain to help create any special look. 800/332-9246


Wahl's Sterling Definitions Trimmer marks the next generation in trimming, lining and shaving. With its stylish design and powerful AC Motor, it provides all the constant power you'll need for trimming and shaving. In addition, the precision T-blade allows for ultra-close cutting when the top and bottom blades are aligned with the Wahl ProSet tool.


Diamond Glass by On Rite is a natural, shine-enhancing liquid formulated to add luster and vitality to your clients' natural hair or hair extensions. The unique formulation makes it the perfect complementary product to Ultratress' human-hair extensions. Apply to dry hair to bring out highlights, eliminate frizzy ends and create radiant shine. 800/327-5555


The Deep Repair Hair Masque is a deep-penetrating reconstructor that repairs damage, renews elasticity and reduces chemical stress in extremely dry and damaged hair. Think of it as first aid for chemically stressed hair. A blend of intense conditioning properties provides up to three times more strengthening performance, while increasing moisture, manageability and shine. 800/628-9890


XFusion's organic Keratin Hair Fibers instantly fill out thinning hair. Shake XFusion into any sparse areas to eliminate all signs of hair loss or thinning. The fibers stay secure through wind, rain and perspiration but remove easily with any shampoo. The 100-percent natural product is undetectable in hair. 800/277-3316


When time is of the essence, reach for iTech's new Wet & Dry Tourmaline Iron. It lets you dry and style hair in one easy step, thanks to the 100-percent ceramic plates and the innovative top vents that allow excess water to evaporate as steam. It also utilizes breakthrough technology for maintaining healthy hair during styling and ironing.


The Phytojoba Masque provides deep conditioning by restructuring hair's protective film, which helps retain moisture. This light, creamy mask combines the powers of jojoba oil and angelic root extract to moisturize hair and protect the scalp. Sweet orange oil purifies and guar gum nourishes, leaving hair manageable and silky. 800/55-PHYTO


This collection of pure, natural candles comes ready to soothe your soul in an artisan's glass goblet. Try Scent No. 31, a relaxing blend of lavender, cedar and myrrh for an authentic aromatherapy experience. Crafted from the finest essential oils and food-grade wax and featuring packaging made from recycled materials, these soot-free candles generate a healthy-feeling environment, naturally. 800/535-0705


Color Preserve Strengthening Foam from Wella is a lightweight foam that contains an exclusive formula of keratin and color-preserving molecules to strengthen hair and prevent its color from fading. It also improves hair's structure and condition, while increasing its volume and shine. 800/935-5273


The iTech Energy Water System is an all-natural, personal water filtration system that converts tap water to pH-balanced, chlorine- and metal-free "energy water." The healing mist enhances and repairs damaged hair and skin. It instantly removes frizz, adds shine and even helps retain haircolor. It softens, tones and moisturizes skin, too.


Waxing, shaving, electrolysis and laser hair removal can produce ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn. Both men and women will benefit from using Tend Skin liquid, which reduces the appearance of these unsightly occurrences on legs, bikini lines, underarms, face and neck. The product is available in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles.