1. MOP

C-system, a performance-savvy series of pH-balanced, color-safe products, utilizes vitamins A, C, and E to defend hair from environmental onslaught caused by free-radical damage. The line includes C-system Clean Shampoo, Hydrating Shampoo, Moisture Complex, Reconstructing Treatment, Styling Conditioner, Texture Lotion, Conditioning Mist, and Finishing Paste and contains a synthesis of the finest organic plants, herbs, and whole food derivatives. (866) 699-4-MOP.





The new Extreme line is reformulated with the exclusive Interbond Conditioning System, which delivers a patented 3D Repair Complex to fortify the hair. Proteins penetrate deeply to build internal strength, ceramides enter the cuticle layer to reinforce structure, and natural lipids resurface the hair to leave the cuticle flat, shiny, and smooth. The line contains Extreme Shampoo, Conditioner, Anti-Snap, CAT Protein Reconstructing Technology, and the new Deep-Fuel Durable Strengthening Treatment. (800) REDKEN-8.




3. matrix

SwitchTrix is a new dual-action wax/gel combo that allows the stylist to create altered states with one hit to the dispenser. On dry hair, SwitchTrix acts like a wax and enables a fractured, separate, defined effect. On wet, it can be used to mold or sculpt with soft control. The Switch It Up! Salon Intro Kit contains five SwitchTrix mega pumps (plus one free), a stylist station display unit, 15 client brochures, updated inserts for the Trix of the Trade binder, a SwitchTrix product ID card, and an easel card. (800) 282-2822.




4. farouk systems

The Arum Tea Tree collection was developed to provide healing properties to everyday cleansing and styling. Its aroma, essential oils, botanical extracts, and invigorating essence create a luxurious spa experience for the client. The line includes Arum Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, Therapeutic Drops, a hair and body treatment, Therapeutic Contouring Gel, Concluding Spritz, and Invigorating Body Wash. Also available are 10 and 30ml bottles of Tea Tree Oil. (800) 237-9175.




5. KMS

Created as an aid to flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers, the all-in-one Flat Out Hot Pressed Spray thermal styler protects hair against heat and humidity while delivering optimum shine and condition. The ergonomically designed bottle features a unique European dispensing system built into the sprayer with portion control and an anti-clog feature. Flat Out Hot Pressed can be applied to damp or, for increased hold or shine, dry hair. (800) 342-5567.




6. Matrix

Demi-permanent Color Sync enhances, changes, or intensifies haircolor; refreshes permanent color; deeply blends/covers grey; tones pre-lightened and highlighted hair; and color corrects. The Blonde, Red, and Brunette Coloring Kits are now available. Each kit contains four shades of Color Sync, an 8-ounce Color Sync Activator, and a shade-specific technique sheet. (800) 282-2822.




7. Head Games

Hard Ball Hair Jam is a lightweight, detailing texturizer that defines and separates hair while delivering a super matte finish on damp or dry hair. Vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, and a naturally derived UV absorber protect hair, sucrose gives the hair its rock-hard hold, and natural moisturizers and thickeners provide texture and body. (800) 456-9322 ext. 2.




8. Farouk Systems

When you need hair to stay right where it is, Helmut Head is up to the task. The 10-ounce bottle of Helmut Head Concrete Spray "freezes" hair in its tracks, protecting the style from the wind and humidity-great for special-occasion updos. (800) 237-9175.




9. DermaNew

Clients can maintain smooth, soft skin in just a few minutes a week with DermaNew's new Facial Rejuvenation System kit. It includes a DermaNew Resurfacing Tool with AA batteries, three round foam applicators, a massage attachment, and Facial Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion Cr% with Corundum Crystals. Developed specifically for delicate and sometimes sensitive skin of the face, the System allows clients to perk up tired skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and decrease the visible signs of sun damage. Use of the system also encourages cell renewal. (866) 44-DERMA.




10. Aveda

Sap Moss Nourishing Concentrate, a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that takes the nourishing properties of sap and the moisturizing benefits of Iceland moss to a deeper level, is the newest addition to the Sap Moss Collection. Gentle enough for color-treated hair, this gel-like formula helps nourish and reinvigorate dry, lifeless hair. (800) 328-0849.