Silver Vixens

Timeless styles in radiant fashion hues comprise Neo Classic, a new futuristic-inspired collection by Christopher and Sonya Dove.

Having just completed a project working on the color for the wigs featured in this month’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Lionsgate), Wella Professionals artists and iconic hairdressers Christopher and Sonya Dove felt inspired to create a new collection embodying their own thoughts on the hair looks of the future. The Doves’ vision was based on what they predict will be a paradigm shift from today’s older women taking fashion cues from the younger generation. “We were looking ahead to a time when the youth of tomorrow takes its fashion lead from when mature, sophisticated women—high-society, fancy gray-haired ladies—simply used stains and rinses over their gray hair,” Christopher says. “But for the looks of the future, these ladies would add their own spin to it.”

The results are pumped-up pastels with touches of silver and illuminated violet and blue highlights set in classic shapes. All looks were created on light-colored wigs from the Raquel Welch collection by HairUWear. For more about the Doves’ experience on the set of The Hunger Games, visit —Jolene Turner >


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Photography: Nicolas Troncin; Makeup: Lysette Castellanos; Fashion Styling: Christopher Dove

IMAGE ABOVE: To create this gray-mauve tone, the Doves used Wella Professionals Blondor Powder Lightener to remove the yellows from an already light-colored wig. They then added sheer pastel violet tones, using a combination of Koleston Perfect and Pastel Tone Developer. To style, they dried hair and used an InStyler Rotating Hot Iron to achieve root-lift and bend. The duo set locks in two-finger-width pin curls, and finger-teased to loosen waves, creating more separation before setting with a texturizing spray.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this luminous violet pastel, the Doves applied more purple at the root of the wig and extended pink through the lengths for a horizontal, dimensional effect. To create the curls, they prepped hair with mousse before setting in a reverse pin-curl formation. After locks dried, the Doves brushed them for a beautiful, deep wave, then styled with Oil Reflections and separated curls with their fingers.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this sleek style, the Doves dried locks with a Brazilian Heat dryer and then prepped them with a small amount of Oil Reflections. They then used the wide end of a conical iron to create a slight bend in the hair. For the gray-violet style, the team colored the pre-lightened wig a silver tone and then accented with Hairdreams Quikkies lavender extensions to add depth and reflection.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this sumptuous crop of pink curls, the Doves first lightened a blonde wig, setting the foundation for a rich pink created with Koleston Perfect and Pastel Tone Developer. They added Hairdreams hair extensions that had also been colored to create a different shade of pink for dimension. Once the hues were set, the duo razor-cut the hair to create points and then curled it using an InStyler Rotating Hot Iron. They pinned the curls toward the roots as they cooled for volume. Finally, they applied Oil Reflections and used their fingers to create separation, before shaping this high-volume style.