Sisley Announces Partnership with American Cancer Society

Luxury cosmetics and beauty company Sisley is partnering with the American Cancer Society as a sponsor in the organization's Choose You movement, which encourages women to put their health first and make healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce their cancer risk. Sisley will help spread awareness and raise money for the cause with a limited-edition offering of its popular All Day All Year treatment, which features a special box wrapper promoting the partnership. Available in luxury retailers and beauty institutes now until supplies last, this global treatment provides skin protection against outside aggressions to help the skin preserve its youthfulness and has three levels of defense forming a comprehensive anti-aging shield:

  • Anti-UVA and UVB shield: 90% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked by a complex of micro- encapsulated filters which, without penetrating into the skin, safely protect for 8 hours
  • Anti-free radical/Anti-stress shield: The joint use of Apple Skin extract (anti-free radical) and White Willow extract (stimulates the production of anti-stress proteins), helps to protect the cells against environment-induced stress
  • Reinforced cellular cohesiveness: Rice and Sesame extracts help to consolidate the intercellular cement, thus strengthening the epidermis’ barrier function

“Sisley is working with the American Cancer Society because we support their mission and we believe this movement is important to all women in America,” says Yves Le Breton, Executive Vice President of Sisley. “Choose You is a great way to remind women that it is essential to protect their skin every day, all day, all year.”