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When it comes to smoothing, straightening and shaping hair, nothing holds a candle to thermal styling irons. For as long as they've been on the styling scene, they continue to hold the top spot as the hot category in electric haircare tools. There are so many different models available, though, even an experienced salon professional can have a difficult time selecting the right tool. Here, Ivan Zoot, director of education and training for the Andis Company, highlights some of the features to look for when choosing a thermal styling iron.



Ceramic plates in both round barrel and flat irons provide fast, even heating and a consistent temperature that preserves the natural oils in the hair and seals in moisture. The result: shiny, silky, healthy hair, no matter what length or texture.


Maintaining a precise, consistent temperature the entire time you're using the iron is important, so look for irons that feature state-of-the-art electronic circuitry.


This is essential so that you can adjust for different hair types, textures and conditions, ensuring consistent, accurate results every time.


The importance of good ergonomic design cannot be underestimated, especially when you earn a living with a tool in your hand. Repetitive motion injury is the plague of the beauty industry, Zoot notes, and well-designed tools can go a long way toward prolonging your physical well-being, as well as your career. So look for soft touch, comfort grip handles that are the right size for your hands.


Don't overlook the little details that add up to big benefits. For instance, look for tools that come in a full range of barrel sizes, plate widths and handle styles for ultimate comfort and versatility. And since functionality is the key to user satisfaction, tangle-reducing swivel cords and heat indicator lighting add safety and convenience benefits. Finally, protect your investment: Your tool should include a full year parts and labor warranty.

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