Sonya and Christopher Dove Lead Oribe Hair Care Workshop

Stylists from across the country came to Oribe Hair Care’s New York Studio for two intimate classes held by legendary educators Sonya and Chris Dove.  The workshops were dedicated to red carpet inspired looks, where the stylists walked away with special occasion style inspiration, new techniques and professional images for their portfolios. “The Oribe workshops give stylists a chance to get in there and do hair,” said Sonya. “It’s so different and so much more effective than just watching platform artists on stage. I really felt like I had the opportunity to share styling tips I’ve found to be successful in the salon.”

The Doves presented four styles that were inspired by the red carpet and awards season. “The stylists in attendance kept saying how the looks we presented could be used for upcoming wedding and prom hair,” said Christopher. “Although the styles presented were all different, they had one thing in common—using various textures within the same look. “Stylists are often working with time restraints in the salon, so this allows them to just focus on one area with texture instead of having to deal with creating it throughout the head.”

After The Doves finished their morning presentation, the stylists were able to get their hands in some hair, where they were able to create two different looks-one very sculpted and the other big and free. The stylists were allowed the freedom of creative expression making the workshop a huge success.


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