Space Issues

When Redken hired prominent retail designer Peter Millard, who has worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Armani and Chanel, to design the Redken Gallerie in New York City 10 years ago, it was a match made in heaven.

Inspired by the project, Millard began to focus more on how he could help salons develop solutions to their retail needs. He even became a Redken educator, giving classes across the country on ways for salons to boost product sales. Now, Millard and Redken have teamed up to publish a book, Reinventing Space, full of helpful tips for effective salon design. "The information in Reinventing Space can benefit any salon that would like to improve their business through proven salon-design and visual-merchandising ideas," says Pat Parenty, senior vice president and general manager for Redken. "From simple rules for product displays to a complete redesign, it's all there to be used to help create more revenue opportunities."