Stand Up and Be Counted

In the March issue of American Salon, we embarked on a research effort of sweeping proportions. We've identified a crucial shortage of consistent, reliable data about how the best salons operate. Wouldn't it be helpful to you salon owners to know...

  • what the best salons in the industry are doing to attract, serve and retain clients?
  • how to price your services and retail products optimally?
  • how to find, hire and keep the best employees?
  • how to ensure that the ink on your balance sheet is black, not red?



The American Salon Beauty Industry Survey is a groundbreaking initiative through which we're collecting benchmark data from literally thousands of salons around the country. Our plan is to compile all of this data and make it available to you—the salon professional—to help you run your businesses more effectively and profitably. And to do this, I am requesting your help.

The American Salon Beauty Industry Survey takes only a few minutes to complete, and it can be done online. Please go to and enter the survey password: ASB2005 (must be in all capital letters). The information we collect will be held in the strictest confidence. And best of all, we're willing to put up some very nice incentives to encourage you to participate.



Everyone who fills out the survey will be automatically entered into a drawing to receive one of several great prizes, including a couple of Apple iPod music players, and free tickets to IBS New York. Additionally, everyone who fills out the survey (and at least provides their e-mail address) will receive a free executive summary of the survey results.

So help us to help you. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in the survey. I think you'll find that even filling out the survey will be of help to you, because it may get you thinking about your business in a new light.

Thanks for your help, and for sharing a little information about yourselves with us.

—Kerry J. Cannon, Jr., Group Publisher
American Salon and American Spa

E-mail Kerry at [email protected]