The Starter Wife

I've been a huge fan of Debra Messing since she started on the show Ned and Stacey back in 1995. It might be because of her similarity to the incredible Lucille Ball, who put me to sleep almost nightly growing up thanks to reruns on Nick at Nite, or just that she's a natural comedienne with great style, but I'll pretty much watch anything she's in (Yes, I even sat through The Wedding Date). She's also one of my favorite stars to look for on the red carpet. Her outfits and jewelry are always fantastic and her hair can do no wrong.

While Messing's newest endeavor, The Starter Wife, can get a little hokey at times, I'm obviously DVRing it every Friday night. Messing's charm comes alive on screen through her character Molly, and once again, her style is top-notch. I'm especially loving the hair. Credit belongs to celebrity hairstylist Cydney Cornell, who uses i|m brushes to style Messing's flowing locks. Cornell especially loves the Ceramic Vent Brush and 43mm Thermal Round Brush. "Every day I had several new looks to accomplish on her, and these fantastic brushes were ultra gentle and aided in getting a 'look' quickly without damaging her hair," Cornell says. The All i|m Brushes are designed with ComfortFlex technology to prevent damage on hair and tourmaline and ceramic technology for more efficient and effective styling.

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