Step-by-Step: Boho Chic Braid

In recent years, the humble braid has been made-over and reimagined, time and time again. Editorial stylists cleverly craft them into signature styles – but the truth is – these avant-garde looks are better suited to the runway than to real life. 

Somewhere between an intricate, wraparound spiral braid and a demure schoolgirl braid of days gone past, lies a deconstructed braid. Perfect for creating an effortlessly undone esthetic, a deconstructed braid can transition seamlessly from day to night – and it hits all the right on-trend notes. Read on to learn how Siouxsie Kalifonia, Top Hairbrained Member, crafts the perfect, lived-in braid – and discover how you can create your own using a little finesse, and a light touch.

Step 1: Begin with clean, dry hair. Spray liberally with dry-shampoo. This will help to build up a bit of grit, and will to create that perfect matte, dry texture. 


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Step 2: Work the hair into a simple, three-strand French braid. Avoid cinching strands tight, and instead, aim to keep the style loose and organic. Secure the bottom with a clear elastic. 

Step 3: Using your thumb and your index finger, lightly massage or rub the braid in an outward motion.

Step 4: Intuitively work your way through the braid – and using a soft touch – move locks into desired place.

Step 5: Finish the style with a flexible hairspray. Avoid heavy setting sprays, which will prevent the style from feeling sexy and loose.

Crafting an easygoing deconstructed braid can be a snap – if you use the right techniques. Remember to start off with a good base and use a light touch when pulling the strands apart – and you can be sure that you’ll end up with a chic style that can move with you, all day long.    

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