Studio DNA and Hairdreams Help Clients with Thinning Hair

Whether your clients are yearning for more volume and length or dealing with medical issues that may cause their hair to thin, there is now a solution. Hairdreams has partnered with Studio DNA salons to treat clients with thinning hair problems with their one-of-a-kind hair creations and hair thickening solution, Volume +. To kick off the partnership, The Doves Studio in Santa Monica hosted the event #IHaveASecret on July 15, where it introduced clients and guests to Hairdreams lengthening services. 

"The reason we’ve chosen Hairdreams is because of their propensity to being more socially conscious. A great example is their Volume+,  a wonderful solution for women dealing with significant problems like alopecia,” says Studio DNA co-owner Aubrey Loots. “We wanted to partner with a company that provides high quality products, fulfills the need of the glamour department as well as relates to the everyday woman.”

Doves Studio Hairdreams Ambassador Chris Rosario was among the stylists at the event who gave live demonstrations on how to use the Hairdreams extensions. Also present were clients who had been using the extensions for a long time, including cancer survivor Stephanie Pierce.


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About: Hairdreams is the leading international luxury brand in professional hair lengthening and thickening systems headquartered in Graz, Austria. The brand is recognized as an international leader and the most successful provider of professional 100% real human hair lengthening and thickening systems of unparalleled premium grade quality.