In Studio: Spring Awakening, Bridal Hair Trend

Forget something old, try something new. This season, the latest trends in bridal unveil a departure from the traditional. —Maureen Sheen

The past few seasons, popular wedding hairstyles have been deconstructed, soft and flowing. Now, however, the trend is moving away from this, and toward a more structured and controlled place. According to hairstylist Giovanni Giuntoli, artistic director of Tearsheet, “It’s about not looking like you quickly threw your hair into an updo.” It’s less wispy, with flyaways and tendrils cleaned up for a deliberate artistry and refinement that doesn’t feel dated, but fresh.

This shift can be seen in the growing popularity of decorative and luxe hair accessories. “Headpieces are starting to trend,” says Giuntoli. Embellished hair ornaments were all over the spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear runways, and as bridal runs closely parallel to fashion, it comes as no surprise that this is definitely one look that is carrying over into wedding hairstyle requests. As the majority of brides wear their hair up, adorning tresses with ornate combs, golden barrettes, clustered headbands and bejeweled crowns lends a hint of luxury and an instant update to the classic updo. “It’s something that pops and adds a unique quality to what might otherwise be a plain look,” Giuntoli says.

In pulling off a more artistic and constructed style, planning is everything. A consultation and trial run is requisite in any bridal hairstyle discussion. But taking into account what features to highlight or downplay will make or break the look when it comes to these thoughtful and studied hair designs. Giuntoli advises, “It’s important to take less control immediately and be more open to the conversation. It will certainly help with communication and direction, and be the best investment of time for both the stylist and bridal client.” >

Photography: Jesus Baez with Tearsheet (Inbal Dror 2015 show)


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