Style File: Valley of the Sun

The pulsating energy of Phoenix combines with the desert sun in Urban Southwest, a new collection by stylist Todd Kane.

The pulsating energy of Phoenix combines with the desert sun in Urban Southwest, a new collection by stylist Todd Kane.

Todd Kane, a stylist at Dilemma Hair Salon in Phoenix and a Matrix artistic educator, pays homage to his beloved city, Phoenix, in this new men’s collection, aptly titled Urban Southwest. Kane was inspired to create these city looks by the growth he’s seen in Phoenix the past few years. “This southwestern giant has become more connected and blossomed into a metropolitan city with its own unique style,” Kane says. Along with each city’s vibe, Kane incorporated the colors of a desert sunset in his looks. “Vibrant splashes of red, copper and gold are most prominent as the sun disappears below the desert horizon,” Kane says. He relied on these shades to create highlights, and crafted cuts based on the face shapes of the models. For the exclusive, complete how-tos, visit —Jolene Turner >

photography: christos sewell; Stylist: Dani Astorga; Makeup: Alysha Patterson


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IMAGE ABOVE: Todd Kane achieved this modern take on the traditional crew cut with a clipper over comb technique. He intensified the style by alternating foils of Matrix Light Master and 2 ounces of 20-volume Cream Developer with foils of 2 ounces of SOCOLOR, SoRED Red Copper and 2 ounces of 10-volume Cream Developer. A 9CG glaze harmonized the look.

To create this hip, effortless look, Kane enhanced the model’s natural highlights with lightener and a balayage technique. To achieve shine and a bright, cool tone, he used 2 ounces of Color Sync Sheer Pastel Violet and 2 ounces of 10-volume Cream Developer. Hair was towel-dried and shaped lightly with a comb and Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer Gel.

For this classic style, Kane lightened certain sections of the hair to add depth and dimension using Light Master and Cream Developer. He then used 8G glaze to add luster. A blow-dryer, brush and Design Pulse Play Back Workable Cream set the style.


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