Sweet and Simple

Hair trends may come and go, but some looks will always remain in fashion, like the ones shown here from Graham Webb artists. When devising a makeup palette to complement them, Los Angeles makeup artist Agostina relied on Bibo cosmetics to create a contemporary yet classic effect. "I wanted to keep the makeup simple," she says. "I wanted a woman to look at the pictures and be able to say, 'I can do that.'" Here, Agostina gives the lowdown on how to achieve these timeless looks.


For the look shown on the previous page, apply Bibo Chestnut Liquid Foundation with a sponge, beginning at the center of the face and blending outward. Mix the foundation with concealer and apply to the eyelids and under the eyes, focusing on the corners. Set foundation with a swirl of the powder brush in the deep pressed powder. Fill in brows with an angle brush and the darkest shade in the Plush Brow Trio. Apply Smitten Blush, starting at the apples of the cheeks and extending back toward the top of the ear. Using the angle brush, dab the light, shimmery beige shade in the Subliminal Eye Shadow Duo onto the inner corners of the eyes. Line the eyes with the dark, army-green shade from the Smolder Duo. Go over that line on the upper lid with a black eye pencil. Sketch the black eye pencil under the lower lash line from outer corner to a third of the way in and smooth with angle brush. Apply Trance Eye Shadow with the fluff eye shadow brush from lash line to crease. Use the contour brush to "smoke out"the shadow to about a third of the way under the lower lashes using the same bronze shadow. Use the side of the shadow brush to highlight just under the arch of the brow with the shimmery beige. Finish with two coats of black Full Effect Mascara. Line and fill in lips with Giggle Lip Pencil and top with Glow Lip Gloss.

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For the look shown here, apply Buff Liquid Foundation with a sponge. Use a little Neutral Concealer at the inner corners of the eyes. Set foundation with Neutral Pressed Powder. Use an angle brush and the lightest shade in Plush Brow Trio to fill in brows. Apply Aglow Blush to the apples of the cheeks. Apply the shimmery brown shade to the lower lid and extend slightly above the crease. Highlight under the brow and line the inner corners of the eyes with the champagne shade. Finish with Full Effect Black/Brown Mascara. Line and fill in lips with Smirk Lip Pencil. Finish with Lavish Lipstick.