Technologically Speaking

DAVID MEAS Hair on the Avenue (Sinking Spring, PA)

"To date, we haven't seen the necessity to computerize. I do the accounting side on a computer, but not the front desk or scheduling. We use a paper system, and we're able to maintain the reports of 23 employees without any problems."

STACY BOWLING Harmony Salon & Spa (Manassas, VA)

"Elite works very well as a starter, but now that we've grown into a spa as well as a salon, we could use another program. We use the computer for retail, payroll, hair and spa services, advertising and referrals."

SHARI SELL Adevia Spasalon (Forest Lake, MN)

"We use Millennium. It has the ability to book online and allows me to work at home, which are features the other programs don't have. I like it for that reason."

MAGGIE DiFALCO Maggie Salon & Spa (Cooper City, FL)

"We use Millennium. It's excellent. I don't know how we could manage to run a salon with 30 employees and not have the information available in the computer. The program has an employee database, maintains appointments and allows us to track first-time clients and follow up on referrals. We can also track our inventory to the minute."
 Software Resource List
Software Resource List

SAM JOHNSTON ABQ Hair Studio (Albuquerque, NM)

"We don't use computers right now, but we're making the transition because everyone keeps telling me it's supposed to be easier. Right now I do everything with my pencil and calculator."

DELORES BOTHELLO The Artistic (Auburn, CA)

"I like Pro Salon/Pro Solutions. We use it for point-of-sale, booking appointments and tracking inventory. I think all software has challenges, and one of the biggest is getting the client retention reports. They're always trying to find a more sophisticated way of doing that."

ANGELIQUE PETTA Salon Du Beau Monde (New Orleans, LA)

"We use Salon Biz. It's absolutely fabulous—we can do everything with it. We even have the capability to book online with it, but we haven't gone there yet."

NATALIE SZCZECH Prova Salon (Paradise Valley, AZ)

"We've used Shortcuts Software since opening in 2000. I stay completely organized because appointments and clients, sales, inventory and productivity can be managed from one place. And it's so user-friendly that any person can quickly learn to book appointments. Saving time is essential in our salon."

DARLA DiGRANDI Hi-Lites Salon & Day Spa (Cathedral City, CA)

"We use Elite, but we are outgrowing it and are getting a new system. It doesn't track client points and rewards, which we need. But it's great for someone who's just starting out."

JEFFREY RICHARDS Jeffrey Richards Salon (Grand Rapids, MI)

"We are fully automated, and we use Millennium. I can't believe how difficult it would be to run a salon and not be automated. It's very easy to follow for all the things you need to know about how your salon is running."