Top Colorists Share Color Formulas for Hot Celeb Looks

Jennifer Aniston Ian Michael Black, Aveda's North American artistic director for color provided the formula using Aveda color for this sunlit Jennifer Aniston look on clients with level 6 hair color and old highlights:


Aveda Enlightener powder lightened with 5-volume developer

Aveda 7 Y/O Deposit Only Color Treatment

1. Take section across the front hairline, 1/2-inch deep.
2. Next, working to the guest's natural part, take a 1 1/2-inch deep section either side of the part. Taking the section, from the first section at the front and stopping just in front of the point of distribution.
3. Finish sectioning by taking a section 2 inches deep through the point of distribution.
4. Starting at the front panel, apply a medium-density weave on the front hairline. Apply Enlightener powder formula in all foils.
5. Directly behind that, apply a strong weaves foil, feathering your color from 1 1/2 inches away from the scalp down toward the scalp.
6. Work three foils either side of the parting, the bottom two using a strong weave, and the top foil being taken with a medium density weave. Again feather your color down toward the scalp to achieve softness at the root area.
7. Through the point of distribution area, again apply three foils, using a strong weave and feathering your color.
8. Finish by applying your deposit-only color to the rest of the hair.
9. Lighten to desired level. Shampoo, treat and style.

Christina Hendricks

Rebecca Gregory, Technical Director of Organic Salon Systems supplied two formulas for achieving Christina Hendricks fiery deep ginger haircolor using ammonia-free permanent Organic Color Systems color over previously lightened hair or on natural levels 6 and lighter. "To recreate this sensational bold multifaceted red with some stunning bold copper pieces streaming throughout, I would suggest using a few formulas that are a mere one to two levels different," Gregory says. "Keep in mind that when choosing these color levels that if there are two levels between them, the result will be subtle in dimension while three or more level differences will result in more dramatic results."

1. Equal Parts Organic Color Systems 8FR and 6BC with 20-volume cream developer;
2. Equal parts 6BC and 5RC with ¼ of the formula Extra Bright Orange with 20-volume cream developer.
*"Both of these fun formulas are bright and sassy and can even ignite your overall color more if they are applied over some strands that have been lightened to a level 8 or higher," Gregory says.

January Jones

Jennifer J., a colorist at Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, provided the formula for January Jones' rose gold streaks of color using Wella Professionals color. "A colorist can achieve this look by adding some peekaboo panels 1/2-inch underneath the natural part of the client's hair on both sides of the part, but not right on the part.

1. Mix Wella Professionals Relights Color Concentrate in /43 (red/gold) with Punky Color in Flamingo pink and Color Touch Developer in 6 volume,  and dilute it with the clear gloss. Test the color by painting it onto a white paper towel so you can see exactly what the color would look like.
2. Once you like how it looks on the paper towel, start painting in 4-inch wide panels in foils to keep the color separated from the rest of the hair.
3. Don't over do it. The point of the color is to be understated, not over the top. I also love diluting color so it looks more sheer and pastel, so keep clear on hand so the color will look the best. Also, don't paint it on the root of the hair. You don't want a colored scalp, just natural haircolor that fades into the rose gold shade.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Amber Skrzypek, Keune National Artisan, provided this formula using Keune color for achieving Kate Middleton's rich, milk chocolate brown hair color with soft highlights around the hairline on clients with a level 4 or 5 base. "A 10-minute service, these subtle highlights are a great upsell to your clients and ensure a royally-inspired final result," Skrzypek says.

1. Begin by applying Keune Tinta Color 5.23 Light Pearl Golden Brown with 10-volume developer from scalp to ends, leaving out strands around the hairline. With pearl being the more infuential tonality, it will give your brown color both richness and depth without adding too much warmth—the warmth will give you more light reflection to really show off the dimension of the color and the golden tones.
2. To create the highlights around the hairline, use the balayage technique with Cream Bleach and 30-volume developer when the base color is done processing. What you'll be looking for is a 1 to 2 level change or, for those of you who see color as food, a soft caramel or peanut butter color.

Deborah Ann Woll

Christine Howell, education manager for Zotos, supplied these formulas for True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll's steamy redhead look using Zotos AGEbeautiful anti-aging haircolor:

1. On natural level 6 hair, apply  ½ 8RC + ½ 9G and 20-volume developer at the scalp and use 30-volume developer for the midshaft and ends.
2. On natural level 7 hair, apply  ½ 8RC + ½ 9G and 10-volume developer at scalp and 20-volume developer on midshaft and ends.