The Trouble With Angels

Styles have a devil-may-care attitude in Nick Malenko’s and Ashley Gamble’s latest collection.

Ingénues show off their sexy side with alluring hair creations and attire in Angels Will Fall, a new body of work seen exclusively on these pages from British styling sensations Nick Malenko and Ashley Gamble, who hail from the Royston Blythe salons just outside London. “We wanted to showcase romantic looks, featuring lots of movement and fluidity,” says Gamble of the collection he and Malenko were named finalists for in the Midlands Hairdresser of the Year category of the British Hairdressing Awards. “The entire theme underscores femininity,” Malenko says. To wit: Classic shapes take on a flirtatious twist with unexpected details ranging from texture and billowing curls to radiant color. “They’re carefree without being over the top, and are very easy to achieve,” Gamble adds.

Photography by richard miles


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IMAGE ABOVE:Once Nick Malenko and Ashley Gamble created this eye-catching shape with brightly colored accents, they dried the hair, misting the lengthy pieces with shine spray to play up the hue. A bit of spray was then used to finish the look.

IMAGE ABOVE: After creating this sexy shape enhanced with a rich, red hue, Malenko and Gamble applied volumizing mousse to strands. To finish the design, they blow-dried the hair without a nozzle to add flicks of texture, and lightly misted it with hairspray.

IMAGE ABOVE: To achieve this glamorous look, Malenko and Gamble applied volumizing mousse to the hair and blasted moisture from strands using a blow-dryer. Next, they wrapped sections of hair around a brush from the ends to the roots, heating them with the dryer and pinning them. Once hair cooled, they removed the pins and raked the curls with their fingers to accentuate bouncy waves.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this artfully disheveled shape, Malenko and Gamble used sea salt spray, a blow-dryer and a diffuser on wet hair to create movement and boost texture.

IMAGE ABOVE: After blow-drying and working a bit of mousse into strands to amplify volume, Malenko and Gamble backcombed the hair in the crown area to boost height. Next, they swept up hair to the center of the head and pinned it into place to create the desired shape.

IMAGE ABOVE: Using a combination of tongs and rick-racking, Malenko and Gamble sectioned the hair to shadow the texture. For looser curls and a wavy feel, they used a pair of small tongs. In the tighter areas, the duo rick-racked small sections to give a coral effect and finished by backcombing hair in sections for texture and pinning, keeping curls loose.