True Colors

The Aloxxi Hair Team delivers a lesson in how to look brilliant this season.

Photography by Scott Nathan

Spring and summer’s biggest trends have two things in common: a fearless point of view and vibrant color. Witness the looks seen exclusively on these pages from Marilyn Cole, Teri Dougherty and Angel Gonzalez, members of the Aloxxi Hair Team. “Brilliant hues elevate both the wardrobe ensembles and hairstyles to a new level of glamour, creating dimension and contrast,” says Cole, who served as the team’s creative lead. To get the hair just right, the team drew inspiration from designers like Coco Chanel, creating loose, feminine styles offset by a palette of cool platinum, auburn, and a brunette with copper and red highlights. “The results are simply stunning,” Cole says.


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makeup: Anna Branson; fashion styling: Lisa Peckham; nails: Letrice Lopez

IMAGE ABOVE: To create this vibrant platinum blonde hue with rose-gold panels on color personality Sparkling Prosecco, the Aloxxi Hair Team used Ultra Lightener with 30-volume Developer on the mid-lengths and Ultra Lightener with 20-volume Developer on the base. Next, they used Tones Demi-Permanent Colour 10A mixed with Clear and 7-volume Developer as an overlay before applying Tones 10V and Red Gem with 7-volume Developer on the accent sphere panels.

IMAGE ABOVE: After determining the model’s Aloxxi Color Personality was Ravish Me in Ravenna and prepping the hair with ColourPrime Pre-Colour Treatment, the Aloxxi Hair Team used four formulas—Chroma Permanent Creme Colour 6GV and 20-volume Developer; Chroma 7RK with 30-volume Developer; Chroma 7K with 30-volume Developer; and Chroma 7XR with 30-volume Developer—to achieve an auburn-brunette hue imbued with rich copper and red highlights. 


IMAGE ABOVE: The Aloxxi Hair Team set the hair with a 1-inch iron and Flexible Hairspray. Next, the team misted Texturizing Spray onto the tail before backcombing it to amplify fullness. After wrapping a string midway down the ponytail for a bubble shape, they finished the look with Flexible Hairspray.

IMAGE ABOVE: After prepping the hair with Volumizing Whip and Essential 7, the Aloxxi Hair Team created an offset braid on the side part before smoothing and creating volume on top. A flat-iron, Flexible Hairspray and Styling Cream finished the look. 

IMAGE ABOVE: To create this sexy shape, the Aloxxi Hair Team used a medium iron, straight dragging it from the base of the hair to eye level before wrapping strands around it to create haphazard texture. Texturizing Spray, a backcombing technique and Flexible Hairspray were used to finish and lend style support. 

IMAGE ABOVE: The hair was prepped with Thickening Serum and Volumizing Whip before it was blow-dried. After center-parting and backcombing strands and misting them with Texturizing Spray to build volume, the hair was coaxed into an updo. Flexible Hairspray and Styling Cream supplied a brilliant finish.